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I'm sure there are many others but one I know o is George Harrison (Beatles). He wrote it in the '70's and you can also find it on his Greatest Hits this the one you were looking for?

Snowy :)

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Ten Sharp did a song called "You" and wa

Could be Aquatones,they did a 'You' around 1960 give or take a year or two

Also Llyod and Lil' Wayne also did a song called You.

Evanescence sang a "you"

S Club 7 sang a song called "You" off their album Sunshine

The "soul" singer Bill Withers recorded and released a song called "You", included in an album entitled +justments, released on Sussex records in 1974. Part of the lyrics state "...a man who loves Jesus who says he can't stand a Jew".

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Q: Who was the artist who sang the song called you?
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