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I'm sure Mother Teresa would say that God was her best friend.

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How old was Mother Teresa's mother when she had Mother Teresa?

Mother Teresa mother was 35 when she had mother teresa.

Was Mother Teresa the mother of Saint Teresa?

No, Mother Teresa had no children as she was never married.

What part did Michael Gomez play in the life of Mother Teresa?

Michael Gomes allowed Mother Teresa to use his house as a shelter for her congregation in 1948. He was also her oldest friend.

How does Mother Teresa get the name Nirmala?

Nirmala is the name of the successor of Mother Teresa, not the name of Mother Teresa.

Is Teresa Barbie's best friend?

Yes, but it's not Midge. Basically, Midge was Barbie's best friend, but she is no longer existing in Mattel.inc, because she moved on. So far, Barbie's "buddies" are now Christie and Teresa, but Teresa is mostly her "true" friend. Teresa always had been by Barbie's side, and still is. It would be a macabre thing if Barbie and Teresa split up abruptly.

Was Mother Teresa a gypsy?

No, Mother Teresa was Albanian.

Was Mother Teresa a Canadian?

No, Mother Teresa was Albanian.

Was Mother Teresa a Muslim?

No, Mother Teresa was a Catholic.

What was the downfall of Mother Teresa?

Mother Teresa had no downfall.

How religion guided Mother Teresa?

Mother Teresa was a Catholic.

What is Mother Teresa nationality?

Mother Teresa was born in Albania.

Who was the husband of Mother Teresa?

Mother Teresa was never married.

Was Mother Teresa a prophet?

No, Mother Teresa was not considered a prophet.No!

What culture was Mother Teresa from?

Mother Teresa was an Albanian Catholic.

Why did Mother Teresa do what she wanted?

Mother Teresa did what God wanted.

What faith did Mother Teresa follow?

Mother Teresa was a Catholic.

Did Mother Teresa have a child?

No, Mother Teresa had no biological children.

Was Mother Teresa confirmed?

Yes, Mother Teresa was conformed.

Did Mother Teresa have a diary?

yes. mother teresa did have a diary!

Was Mother Teresa a teacher?

yes,mother teresa was a teacher

What did Mother Teresa live?

Mother Teresa lived the beatitudes.

Mother Teresa was beatified so does she still go by Mother Teresa?

She is known as Blessed Mother Teresa since her beatification.

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