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His name was Mohammad Ali.


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Vietnam happened and changed American culture.

The effect that the Vietnam war had on Morrie's department at Brandeis university during the 1960s was the Vietnam Protest.

the conflict in Vietnam

Aden, Radfan and Vietnam.

President Lyndon B. Johnson was directly linked to the dramatic increase in the number of troops deployed to Vietnam in the mid-1960s

Things have changed in many ways since the 1960s. The Vietnam war has ended, and the Cold War is no longer discusses. The housing market has gone down, unemployment is high, and prices have gone way up. Mobile phones and computers are now owned by most people.

Beatles, Vietnam conflicts, hippies

The Vietnam War impacted the culture in the US. Defiance!

The support for the Vietnam War began to dwindle by the late 1960s. This was because the war was affecting everyone, not just the lower economic classes.

the Vietnam war was going on in the 1960

Like the US Civil War in the 1860s the Vietnam War in the 1960s divided America.

North Vietnam and South Vietnam. South Vietnam was a democratic republic and North Vietnam had a socialist government headed by a communist regime. North Vietnam was trying to defeat the democracy of South Vietnam and unify the country.

it was invented in the 1960s for troops in vietnam

The civil disobedience and protesting concerning Vietnam.

In the 1950s and early 1960s, sometimes magazines and newspapers seemed to spell it "Viet Nam". Later, as the war became a common and routine reporting event, the two names merged. Some of the old timers like President Johnson (LBJ) used to pronounce Vietnam as "Vet Nam".

It went from no electronics to electronics

The Vietnam war was from 1972 to 1853, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ WOW! Whoever wrote this is a dumbwad! LOL

Eisenhower introduced the US military into South Vietnam in 1955. The big involvement was from the early 1960s to about 1975.

Kennedy sent advisers into South Vietnam to help the SV (South Vietnamese).

the Vietnam war. the president died. cameras were invented. there were no more rationing.

a movement protesting the Vietnam war- mainly the draft

Different centuries: 1860s vs 1960s.

hale is alot thinner now then before in the 1960s

Yes she was in Vietnam in the 1960s. Precisely she was in the Tonka Bay incident. My Uncle John, who was one of her engineers served on her at that time.

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