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Lieutenant John L Worden was the first commander of the ship, including in its famous five-hour fight against the CSS Virginia at the Battle of Hampton Roads. (When Worden was injured during the battle, his executive officer, Samuel D. Greene, took command.

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Who was the Captain of the USS Monitor?

lt. John Worden

Who were the captains at Monitor vs Merrimack?

Lieutenant John Worden, USN on the Monitor. Captain Franklin Buchanan, CSN on the Virginia (previously the Merrimack).

Who were the generals during the monitor vs merrimack battle?

The Commander of Virginia (the former Merrimack) was CSA Admiral Franklin Buchanan. The Commander of Monitor was USN Captain L. Worden.

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Who was the captain of the Union ship the USS Monitor?

Answer Lt. John L. Worden Link

Who was the leader of the union in the battle of the ironclads?

Captain John L. Worden was the Commander of the USS Monitor at the Battle of Hampton Roads against the Virginia.

Did the USS Monitor defeat the CSS Virginia at Hampton Roads in the war's first naval battle?

The Confederates claimed the victory in that a cannon shot hit the USS Monitor's pilot house. This temporarily blinded Captain John Worden, forcing the Monitor to withdraw. As an aside, US President Lincoln was later able to meet the Union captain and congratulate him.

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Who was the general of the monitor and the merrimack battle?

There was none. On the first day before the Monitor arrived, the Merrimack was commanded by Captain Franklin Buchanan who was wounded and later became a Confederate admiral. The Merrimack was then taken over by Commander Catesby Jones who also fought against the Monitor on the next day. The Monitor was commanded by Lieutenant John Worden who was wounded during the battle, and Lieutenant Samuel Greene then assumed command of the Monitor. A captain, a commander, and two lieutenants, but there was no general. * Union shore batteries fired shots against the Merrimack, under the command of a Union general, but otherwise it was a battle fought on the water. * For you particular people out there, the battle was called the Battle of Hampton Roads, and the USS Merrimack was renamed CSS Virginia in Confederate service.

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Who was the commanders in Monitor vs Merrimack?

For the Merrimack, the captain was Garrett J. Pendergrast. NEW RESPONDENT. The commander of Monitor was Capt. (then Rear Admiral) John Lorimer Worden. That of Merrimac was Commander (then Admiral) Franklin Buchanan. During the fighting he was wounded and substituted by Capt. Catesby Ap Jones..

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