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Who was the commander of the French fleet?

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The commander of the French Fleet was Paul de Grasse.

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Commander of the French Fleet?

Paul de grasse

Who was the commander of the french fleet during the revolutionary war?

The commander of the French Fleet in America, during the Revolutionary War was Francis-Joseph, Paul, Marquis of Grasse Tilly, Count De Grasse.

Who was the commander of the French fleet during the revelutionary war?

some guy

What is the supreme commander of a fleet or navy called?

Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Fleet (CINCPAC) Commander-in-Chief, Atlantic Fleet (CINCLANT) Commander-in-Chief Navy (CINCNAV)

Who was the navy commander at the Battle of Trafalgar?

Horatio Nelson commanded the Royal Navy fleet and Pierre De Villeneuve commanded the combined French and Spanish fleet.

Who was the commander of the first fleet?

The commander of the First Fleet to New South Wales was Captain Arthur Phillip.

What commander of an American fleet crushed the Spanish fleet in Manila Bay?

George Dewey

Allied commander of pacific fleet?

One of the allied commanders of the Pacific fleet was General Douglas MacArthur. Another allied commander was Admiral William Halsey.

Who was the commander of the Japanese Combined Fleet when Pearl Harbor was attacked?

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was Commander in Chief of the Japanese Combined Fleet that attacked Pearl Harbour.

Commander of french fleet who buarded 29 ships into chesapeke bay?

Admiral de Grasse (Francois Joseph Paul, comte de Grasse). His victory over a British fleet at Chesapeake Bay in 1781 preceded and enabled the American-French victory at Yorktown.


COMmander of AntiSubmarine Warfare PACific fleet

Who was the commander of the Japanese Combined fleet?

Admiral Yamamoto.

Who was commander of the pacific fleet?

Chester W. Nimitz .

Who was the commander of the US Pacific Fleet?

George Dewey

What is the french word for fleet?

a fleet (of vehicles, for instance) is called "une flotte" in French

Who was the commander of the American fleet of fighting ships?

The commander of the American fleet of fighting ships was Oliver Hazard Perry. Commodore Perry was born in 1785 and was a Naval Commander during the War of 1812 and the Battle of Lake Erie.

Who was the fleet admiral that made commander of the pacific fleet after pearl harbor?

ADM Husband e. kimmel

Who was the greatest Naval commander in Japan's navy?

The greatest Japanese Naval Commander is Admiral Togo, whose Battleship Fleet defeated the Russian Battleship Fleet at the, "Battle of Tsushima", on 27 May 1905. Admiral Togo, is the ONLY naval commander in history, to have won a DECISIVE modern BATTLESHIP FLEET action. Admiral Zinovy Rozhestvensky, commander of the Russian Battle fleet at Tsushima, is the only other naval commander in HISTORY, to have fought a DECISIVE (steel battleships) BATTLESHIP FLEET ACTION! Note* The Battle of Jutland (WWI, 1916) was NOT decisive. Individual battleship engagements during WWII are NOT "fleet" engagements.

Who was the Commander of the US fleet in the Philippines?

Commodore George Dewey

What is the Commander of the ship carrying the Admiral of the fleet called?


Who was the commander of the us pacifiic fleet?

Chester W. Nimitz .

What is the full definition of the word admiral?

The commander in chief of a fleet

Who was the American commander in pearl harbor?

Admiral Husband Edward Kimmel ; Commander-in-chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet .

What is the name of a Spanish Naval leader in the Spanish-American war?

Admiral Patricio Montojo, Commander Naval Fleet Manila. Admiral Pascual Cervera, Commander Naval Fleet Cuba.

The US Naval Commander that steamed into Manila Bay and destroyed the Spanish Fleet?

Commodore George Dewey of the Asiatic Fleet.