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The communist leader who took over North Vietnam was Ho Chi Minh.

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Anything to get the US out; and if takes a return of US POWs to do it, then its a deal!

The National Park Service takes care of the Vietnam Memorial.

It takes about eight hours to get from Melbourne to Vietnam.

It takes a leader to raise up a leader.

fly to Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam, it takes 13 to 14 hours

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There are three different views about the causes of the war.The first is known as the Orthadox View. This view takes the approach that the USA were merely supporting a democratic country who was trying to free itself from the potential of a Communist invasion from the North. By sending troops and supplies the USA were only supporting the regime the people of a democratic South Vietnam had elected (even though these seems to have been a puppet USA backed regime)The second view is known as the Revisionist View . Supporters of this view believe that the USA were interfering in a countries internal affairs. Supporters of this view saw Vietnam as one country not two and that the USA were looking to spread their imperialistic ideas by forcing the country into two. When elections were held the USA used its influence to ensure Nga Dien Diem was elected as he was favourble to their desire. When the people of Vietnam revolted against him they were showing their true desire to be Communist. The USA were then using force to deny the people their will as they feared Communism.The final view is called the Post-Revisionist View. This view holds that the War was caused by the USA's desire to halt the spread of Communism, often referred to as a Policy of Containment. Vietnam had split into a Communist (North) and Capitalist (South) partitioned country. Keen to see Communism spread no further the USA supported the South in its opposition to any Communist expansion. It was feared by many American politicians that if the whole of Vietnam became Communist so would the surronding countries, this is often referred to as the Domino Theory. This view kind of blames both idelogies. Communism was looking to expand but Capitalism, lead by the USA were seeking an oppurtunity to use force against Communism.

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A flight from London, United Kingdom to Vietnam takes about 12 and a half hours. There is 6,030 miles between the two locations.

It takes 897453 days, 74647 hours, 76474minutes and 938382 seconds to reach vietnam from ney york city

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Russia takes all of north Asia.

By force. The strongest person takes the throne.

'Platoon' (1986) takes place in Vietnam in 1967.

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