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What is r kellys mothers name?

Joane it was in the I wish video

What is r kellys favorite color?


How did R Kellys Mother Joann die?


R kellys net worth?

150 million

What is r kellys real name?

robert sylvester kelly

What is R-Kellys favorite food?

pizza and noddles

Are there any pictures of r kellys kids?

No.there identity is pretty much cealed.

What decade was R Kellys hit single I Cant Sleep Baby If you released?


In r kellys trapped in the closet does chuck have cancer?

You might find out on November 23, 2012

What snake starts with r?

Rattlesnake, rat snake and royal python are snakes. They begin with the letter r.

Which bite is deadliest a snake r a human?

a snake because it has venom

What is the difference between a principle dancer and a soloist dancer in ballet?

A soloist dancer doesnt get the main parts but can, they r good. The princibles are the best of the best

What are some snake similes?

the snake slithered so smoothly, it was as if it was covered in butter

Snake ending in r?

adder or viper

What has the author Laurel R Lewis written?

Laurel R. Lewis has written: 'Dark dancer'

What is the name for a milk snake A d r?


What snake begins with v and ends with r?


What reptile starts with the letter R?

Rattle snake.

What carnivore starts with letter r?

rattle snake

What is the deference DVD plus R an -R?

+R is for just audio -R is for audio and video

A snake that has 5 letters in them and has the two letters A and R in them?


What is a 5 letter snake called ending in r?


What is a small poisonous snake that starts with an a and ends with a r?


What is the name for a poisonous snake that can be coined from the word dread called?

The letters in the word d-r-e-a-d - can be rearranged into the word a-d-d-e-r - a venomous snake.

What kills a snake?

well. if look stab him cut of his neck shoot it them r some ways i would kill a snakesigned kill the snake now i don't like them