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Wilma Rudolph.

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Q: Who was the first African American woman to win 3 gold medals in the track and field Olympics in 1960?
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What African American was the first to win three gold medals in the Olympics in the track field?

Jesse Owen in 1936 and Wilma Rudolph in 1960.

Was Jesse Owens a doctor?

No, he was an African-American track and field athlete in the 1936 Olympics.

What country's women's team has won the most field hockey medals in the Olympics?

The Netherlands holds the most medals for Women's Field Hockey in the Summer Olympics. In total, they have seven medals, including three golds.

Who was the first female African-American athlete to win 3 gold medals in track and field?

Wilma Rudolph.

Who was the first African American female to win three gold medals in tracks and field in 1960?

Wilma Rudolph

Who was the first african american to win a gold medal at the olympics?

John Taylor (Track and Field, 1908).

What was Wilma Rudolph job?

Wilma Rudolp got her career by running in the Olympics and winning three gold medals. She was the first American woman to win three gold medals in track and field.

Who is the athlete who has won the most medals at track and field at the Olympics?

ryan hughes

What did Jesse Owens do to change the world?

African American who won four gold medals for Track and Field. Also, Jesse Owens changed the world by matriculated in the Olympics and showing that everyone is different and better at things than other people.

Which sport has Canada won the most medals?

In the Winter Olympics, speed skating. In the Summer Olympics, athletics (track and field).

What country has won the most track and field gold medals in the Olympics?

Team USA.

Who has won the most Olympics gold medals in track and field?

10- Raymond Ewry

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