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Trevor Francis - was first 1 million pound transfer in 1978.. Not So!! Giuseppe Savoldi had been the world's first £1m player when he moved from Bologna to Napoli for £1.2m in 1975

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Q: Who was the first association football player to earn a million pounds?
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How much do sponsors pay to football players?

if you are a really good football player you nearly get 25 million pounds but if you are not a good football player you only get 6 or 5p.

Who was the first football player to cost 1 million pounds?

The first million pound football transfer was Trevor Francis, from Birmingham City to Nottingham Forest.

Who is the highest paid football player in the world?

The highest paid player is Ronaldo at Real Madrid, as he was got for 80 million pounds it is 150,000 pounds.

Whose the richest football player?

The Richest Footballer is David Beckham with 100 million pounds.

Was Trevor Francis the first player to have a 1 million pounds transfer in football history?

He was the first £1million player in England.

First ten million pound football player?

There is not a football player that weighs ten million pounds. The human body can't carry a fraction of that weight let alone even be physically capable of moving.

Who has the most money on football manager handheld 2011?

Man city of course they have 75 million pounds in the football manager iPhone game.real Madrid has 50 million Pounds. Barcelona have 42 million pounds in football manager

What is a josh cole?

a football player who plays for Real Madrid and costs 100 million pounds tbh

How much would it be for a football?

12 million pounds

How rich is Liverpool football club?

900 million pounds

Who is the most paid footballer in the world?

It is Cristiano Ronaldo. He earns 11 million euros in a year. He is the worlds most expensive football player in the world. He is worth 80 million euros (94 million pounds,$132 million)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is football club highest bid for player?

The player is Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese football star. He is transferring from Manchester United (England) to Real Madrid (Spain) at the end of 08/09 season for a world record 80 million British pounds (131 million US dollars).

How much do football teams get every match?

they get about 50 million pounds

How many pounds does a football player weigh if he weighs 104 kg?

The player weighs 229.3 pounds.

Richest football club today?

The richest football club today is the Spanish Giants Real Madrid who have over 314 million pounds. pounds.

The most richest football player in 2009 there total account?

Francesc Fabregas gets paid 270 million pounds a year for playing for Aresenal

How much do pro football players get a year?

Depending on the team you can make anywhere from 440,000 to 1.4 million Or if you are talking about English Football(soccer in America), the highest paid wage is 13 million English pounds (about 20 million US dollars), however, a player named John Terry would have received over 15.4 million English pounds(About 22 million US dollars) if he joined Manchester City(richest club in the world). The lowest paid wage is about 1 million English pounds, (About 1.5 million US dollars).

Who is F Torres?

He is a Spanish football player who played for Spain in the 2010 world cup he now plays for Chelsea and was signed from Liverpool for about 50 million pounds.

Is 365 Pounds overweight for a high school football player?

Probably about 125 pounds overweight.

A football player weighs 103 kilograms approximately how many pounds does he weigh?

227 pounds.

Average football player weight?

The average weight of a football player is about 300 pounds. This weight can vary greatly based on the person.

Top transfer fees in football?

The top transfer fee is 80 million pounds for Christiano Ronaldo , who was transfered from Manchester United to Real Madrid for 80, million pounds.

How much did Alex song of arsenal football club salary?

He Is Worth About 15 Million Pounds But If 2 Or More Clubs Are Interested In Him, He Can Be Worth Up to 20 Million Pounds

Who are the ten richest football players in the world?

1. David Beckham, LA Galaxy (24.4 million pounds) 2. Ronaldinho, Barcelona (16.3 million pounds) 3. Thierry Henry, Barcelona (12.5 million pounds) 4. Ronaldo, AC Milan (10.6 million pounds) 5. Cristiano Ronaldo, Man United (9.2 million pounds) 6. Kaka, AC Milan (8.8 million pounds) 7. Fabio Cannavaro, Real Madrid (8.7 million pounds) 8. Andriy Shevchenko, Chelsea (8.7 million pounds) 9. Steven Gerrard, Liverpool (8.5 million pounds) 10. John Terry, Chelsea(8.5 million pounds)

If a football player weighs 240 pounds how many kilograms does he weigh?

240 pounds is about 108.86 kg