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Who was the first black baseball player to win the MVP?


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Jackie Robinson of the Brooklyn Dodgers was named the National League ViP in 1949.


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The first World Series MVP award was given out in 1955. It was won by Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher, Johnny Podres.

Doug Williams was the first black QB to win the Super Bowl and Super Bowl MVP award

Most valuable player!! :D

Frank Robinson. He was the National League MVP in 1961 and the American League MVP in 1966.

The first, & to date only, player to be named MVP of the all star game & world series is Derek Jeter in 2000.

Lefty Grove in the American League and Frankie Frisch in the National League won the first MVP awards

In Baseball the most MVP awards won by a player was Barry Bonds with 7.

The first African American to win Super Bowl MVP honors was Franco Harris in Super Bowl IX.

That was Derek Jeter. In the 2000 season, Derek became the first player ever to win the All-Star MVP and the World Series MVP award in the same season.

Roy Campanella of the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1951, 1953, and 1955.

The first foreign born NBA player to win an MVP was Hakeem Olajuwon. He won it in 1994. The personal awards Olajuwon won in his playing career were:1982-83 NCAA Final Four Most Outstanding Player1992-93 NBA Defensive Player of the Year1993-94 NBA Defensive Player of the Year1993-94 NBA MVP1993-94 NBA Finals MVP1994-95 NBA Finals MVP

Win an All Star Game MVP and World Series MVP in the same season

Linebacker Chuck Howley of the Dallas Cowboys won the MVP in Super Bowl V, becoming the first defensive player to win the award.

Frank Robinson won the NL MVP in 1961 when he played for Cincnnati and won the AL MVP in 1966 when he was with Baltimore.

MVP or most valuable player usually goes to the player who has the highest statistics in each category, many times the player might not exceed in all categories, but exceeds in more categories than any other player.

Desmond Howard was the MVP for the Green Bay Packers in the 1997 Super Bowl.

Frank Nighbor was the first NHL MVP, in the 1923 - 1924 season.

Frank Robinson won both the National, and American League MVP Award.

Each league produces a Most Valuable Player. The 2010 National League MVP was Joey Votto of the Cincinnati Reds. The 2010 American League MVP was Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers.

MVP stands for Most Valuable Player.

lebron james is the player with the most mvp awards

San Francisco 49ers fullback Joe Perry in 1954.

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