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Who was the first black player on a 76ers team?

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Julius Erving Wilt chamblin Earl Lloyd

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Who was the first nba team to win a championship ring?

Philadelphia 76ers

Who was the first black player to get drafted in the NBA?

Earl Lloyd was first black NBA player, Chuck Cooper was the first black player to be drafted, and Nat Clifton was the first black player to sign a contract with an NBA team.

Who was the first NFL team to have a black player?

Pittsburg Steelers

When did the 76ers become a team?


What was the first nfl team to draft a black player?

Cleveland browns

Who is the oldest team in the NBA?

The oldest NBA team is the Philadelphia 76ers. The Philadelphia 76ers were founded in 1939 and has won 3 NBA championships.

What team is Allen Iverson on?

Philadelphia 76ers

What basketball team is Philadelphia?

Philadelphia 76ers

Is the lamest basketball team?

Philadelphia 76ers

Who was the first black player on the Cleveland Browns football team?

bill willis

Which NBA basketball team won the first NBA champoinship?

the 76ers back in 1947 they were known as the warriors back then

What team does jody meeks play for?

the Philadelphia 76ers

What the best team in the NBA?

76ers or miami heat

When did the philadelphia 76ers become a team?

The Philadelphia 76ers were founded in 1946. The team colors are blue, red, and white, and they play their home games at the Wells Fargo Center.

Who was the first black tennis player to be named to the Davis Cup Team?

Arthur Ashe

How do you use a created player in NBA 2K9?

You have to go into "Manage Roster" and go one team to the left of the 76ers into the Free Agent Pool select your created player and sign him to a team. Then you have to go to "Rotations" and go to the team you have put your player on and select your player and switch him 3 or 4 spots up.

Which team holds the NBA record for most assists per game in a season?

The 2000 Philedelphia 76ers The 2000 Philedelphia 76ers

What is bow wow's favorite basketball team?

Philadelphia 76ers

What team in nba got Samuel dalembert?

the pheldilphea 76ers

What team does Andrew Bynum play for in the nba?

The Philadelphia 76ers.

What was the first black basketball team?

the Calvary Freedmans were the first black basketball team in 1945

Who was the first black person to play the game of baseball?

Jackie Robinson was the first pro ball player on a pro team.

Who was the first black player to play for the USC Trojans football team?

Brice Taylor in 1925. Possibly.

What team won the NBA World Championship in 1965?

The Philadelphia 76ers

Who was the first black football player at Oklahoma state university?

Running back Chester Pittman in 1957 on the freshman team and 1958 on the varsity team.