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Who was the first computer programer?

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Who was the first computer progarmer?

"ADA" She was the first computer programer

Who is considerd the first computer programer?

Ada Lovelace

Who is Lady Ada Lovely?

she is a first computer programer

She is credited with being the first computer programer name her?

Ada Lovelace

What is Augusta Ada Countess of Lovelace famous for?

Computer programming.The first programmer

What was Ada King noted for which many believe the first of its kind?

computer programer

What is a computer programer do?

they program and work on computers

Why did they considered Ada lovelace as the first programer?

they consider ada lovelace as the first computer programmer because she was the first founder of scientific computing

Who is Luke timmins?

computer programer eg halo2

What type of degree do you need to earn to become a computer programer?

I think ''computer science''.

What is the safest job in the us army?

Military Computer Programer

What type of degree do you need to be a computer programer?

i dont no and i need to no

How do you cnnact memory ic 24c08 with computer?

24c08 programer

What are some attractive features to be a computer programer?

Big bewbs.

How do you say computer programer in spanish?

It can be "programador" or "programadora" for a female.

Who was the first female computer programer?

Ada Lovelace is widely considered to be the first computer programmer ever, male or female. Although she lived in the 1800s, before the modern computer was invented, she is the first person to design an algorithm intended to be interpreted by a machine.

What job uses fractions?

Computer programer, enginire builder, teacher

Who is lady Ada augasta?

the first programer.

How many years does it take to become a computer programer?

A 2 year course will do.

What courses do you need in high school to be a computer programer?

i recomend the computer classes and building classes in case your kid breaks the computer if you have one

What is a compter programer?

a person who designs, makes websites, makes new games, and tests programs on computer

What qualifications does a computer pro?

Programer need, 5 to 6 years of coding, that's writing programs

How does someone fix a css overflow?

How to fix a CSS overflow computer program is a complicated procedure that is best left to highly trained computer experts. Contact a computer programer to get ideas on fixing it.

How much a computer programer makes?

That depends on:market target payratesexperiencedemand for any unique skillsetc.

What are the most popular careers in the US?

Doctors assistant Nurse anesthesiaologist Computer programer Anything to do with bio tech in medicine