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My thoughts on this are that the oldest ghost to die in the Harry Potter books would have been the Grey Lady (Helena Ravenclaw). She is the daughter of Rowena Ravenclaw, which is what leads me to believe that, out of the ghosts we've encountered in the books, she would be the oldest.

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Q: Who was the first ghost to die in the Harry Potter books?
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Who is the ghost that haunts the house of Slytherin in Harry Potter?

The ghost of the Slytherin house in Harry Potter is the Bloody Baron.

Did Moaning Myrtle die in 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'?

Moaning Myrtle died long before Harry Potter was even born, she was a ghost when Harry first met her.

How many ghosts have appear in the Harry Potter books?

I think there's a ghost for each house plus one so about five

In Harry Potter what is Professor binns?

Professor Binns is a ghost.

Who is the bloody baron in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

He is a ghost.

Why does ghost clap in Lego Harry Potter?

because its happy.

Which ghost speaks to harry in book 1 and 2 of Harry Potter?

Sir Nicholas ("Nearly Headless Nick") appears in most of the Harry Potter books.Moaning Myrtle in HP2And Peeves, but he is a poltergeist, not a ghost.

Who was cuthbert in Harry Potter?

Cuthbert was the first name of Professor Binns, the ghost that taught History of Magic at Hogwarts.

Who is the ghost in toilet in the Harry Potter films?

Moaning Myrtle is the ghost that lives in the Girl's toilet.

Who is the gryffendor ghost in Harry Potter?

I believe that is Nearly Headless Nick.

What is the name of the ghost who lives in the toiltes in Harry Potter?

Moaning Myrtle

Where did Harry Potter meet his father?

If you're referring to his father's ghost he first saw him in the graveyard where Voldemort's father was buried.

Who is the Slytherin house ghost in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone?

The Slytherin house ghost is the Bloody Baron.

Which professor was a ghost in Harry Potter?

Professor Binns who taught History of Magic.

How do you beat moaning Myrtle in Harry potter Ps?

you can't, she's a ghost

Who is a ghost teacher in Harry Potter?

Cuthbert Binns, who teaches History of Magic.

Does Harry Potter have a ghost writer?

Well, ghosts in Harry Potter's world are able to write (letters to other ghosts, for example), but I don't think it is what you meant.

Did Albus Dumbledore return from the dead?

No he did appear to Harry Potter in a ghost type form when Harry was in limbo though.

Who the ghost that haunt the girls bathroom in Harry Potter?

The ghost's name is Moaning Myrtle. She is played by the actress Shirley Henderson.

Was Cedric Diggory shown as a ghost in any of the other Harry Potter Movies?

No, he is only shown as a ghost in The Goblet of Fire.

What are the black ghost like things called in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?

They are dementors.

What is the name of this Harry Potter video game where a character has to pull Harry or I think Ron passed out away from this black ghost or spirit thing?

Harry Potter: The Game Series nobody care for.

Why can't they see Harry Potter's mom's ghost?

Not everyone becomes a ghost. And for this reason not all of those that have died in Harry Potter can be seen as ghosts. In fact none of the characters that the reader sees die actually become ghosts.

Who saw the first ghost?

Harry Price

How did the ghost girl die in Harry Potter?

If by ghost girl you mean Moaning Myrtle, the ghost who haunts the girls bathroom, she was killed when she looked into the Basilisk's eyes.