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William King, a writer of the Maine's constitution. He was born 2-9-1768in Scarborough Maine. He served until 1821, and died June 17 1852. Before becoming governer he was a merchant, shipbuilder, and statesman.

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Q: Who was the first governor of Maine?
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Who is John Baldacci the governor of Maine?

Yes, John Baldacci is the governor of Maine.

Who is the governor of Maine?

The current Governor of Maine is Paul LePage(Republican). LePage assumed office as the 74th Governor of Maine on January 5, 2011.

Who is Maine's new governor and is he a a Republican?

It's Paul LePage and he is the first Republican governor of Maine for 16 years.

Who is the lieutenant governor in Maine?

Maine does not have such an office,

Who is the Lieutenant governor of Maine?

Maine does not have one.

Was William King the first governor of Maine?

Yes, he became the first governor when it separated from Massachusetts in 1820. William King who was in office in 1820 and 1821.

Does Maine have a Lieutenant Governor?

It does not.

Who became the first governor of colony of Maine?

Maine was never a colony. It was part of Massachusetts and then of the state of Massachusetts until 1820, when it was admitted to the Union.

Who represents Maine in the Statuary Hall of the US Capital?

William King, First Governor of Maine and the man most responsible for Maine becoming a US State, and Hannibal Hamlin, State Governor, Representative, US Senator and the fifteenth Vice President of the United States.

Who was the governor of Maine in 1851?

John Hubbard, he was the governor of Maine from May 8th, 1850 to January 5th, 1853. He was democratic.

How many years can you be a governor in Maine?

you can be a governer in Maine 9 years.

Who is the President of Maine?

Maine is a state in the United States of America, and has a governor. The current governor of Maine is Paul LaPage. (Rep). The President of the US is Barack Obama. There has never been a US president from Maine.

Who was the Maine governor in 1980?

Joseph Brennan

Who is maine's state governor?

As of June the Governor for the state of Maine is Paul LePage. He is a Republican and the 74th Governor for the state.

Who was the tenth Governor of Maine?

The tenth Governor of Maine was Samuel E. Smith, who served in the role between January 5, 1831 and January 1, 1834.

How did Joseph R Bodwell governor of Maine die?

Joseph R Bodwell governor of Maine died while in office and the cause of his death was not stated to the public.

Who is the state governor of Maine?

As of 2010, Paul LePage

Who was governor of Maine before Baldacci?

Angus King.

Who were the important people in the decision making on the Maine Constitution?

William King led the convention of 210 delegates that met for three weeks in October 1819 to hammer out a Maine state constitution. King later became the first governor of Maine.

When was Governor LePage elected?

Paul LePage, the 74th Governor of Maine, was elected on November 2, 2010.

What is the Maine governor's political party?

Governor Baldacci is a Democrat.

Is John Baldacci the governor of Maine democrat or republican?


When did Baldacci become governor of Maine?

On 8 January 2003,

What date is Maine governor inauguration?

January 5, 2011

Does the governor of Maine work in Augusta?

Yes and resides at The Blaine House which is across the street from the Maine State House.