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Q: Who was the first hired babysitter in the bible?
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Did king James translate the first Hebrew Bible?

No. King James didn't translate any bible. He hired biblical scholars to translate the bible. The KJV wasn't the first English bible version. The Bishops bible, the Geneva bible, among others were translated first.

How can you use the word responsible in a sentence?

"We hired a babysitter for our kids yesterday, she was very responsible and handled the task with extreme efficiency and grace."

What was Joe's first job?


What was Joe Biden's first job?


Tips on Becoming a Babysitter?

Babysitting is a job that requires both maturity and responsibility. When a person is hired as a babysitter, parents are putting the welfare of their child in that individual's hands. The following contains information about the work of babysitting. Babysitters care for a variety of individuals. For instance, some babysitters are hired to care for infants and others are hired to watch over children who are elementary school age. The specific responsibilities of a babysitter depend upon the children involved. Babysitting for an infant who is six weeks old requires a caretaker to change diapers and administer feedings. Someone who is caring for an infant must have experience in calming babies and recognizing signs of a baby's discomfort. Alternatively, a babysitter who is watching elementary school aged children should be willing to play games with them and make sure they are safe at all times. People who want to babysit should decide what age children they would feel comfortable caring for. There are no specific qualifications for a babysitter, however a babysitter is more likely to be hired if he or she has received certain training. For instance, a babysitter with CPR and first aid training would be a more desirable candidate than a person without training. In addition, a babysitter with knowledge of the Heimlich maneuver would all the more qualified for a babysitting job. Once a babysitter gains some experience, he or she may want to ask families for references to show to any new parents who are interviewing for a babysitter. A successful babysitter is calm, has good judgment, and is reliable. Finally, the wages for babysitting jobs vary from family to family. Babysitters are generally paid an hourly wage. The amount of hours spent on the job as well as the number of children are two important factors when it comes to pay. A high school student with little experience as a babysitter may start out at $10.00/hr. whereas a babysitter with five or more years of experience may charge $20.00/hr. Parents who are happy with the work of a babysitter may offer bonuses for extra hours or for a job accepted on short notice.

What are the release dates for Dorkumentary - 2008 Our First Babysitter 1-6?

Dorkumentary - 2008 Our First Babysitter 1-6 was released on: USA: 26 October 2012

How To Hire A Babysitter?

Babysitters are a blessing for parents. They watch children while parents are at work or if they want to get out of the house for some time alone. There are some things that parents should remember when they are looking for a babysitter. Parents need to talk to the babysitter before they are hired. They also need to have some type of schedule for the babysitter to follow while they are watching the children.One of the best ways for parents to find a babysitter is by asking their friends. If someone else trusts the sitter to watch their children, then they are usually trustworthy. When parents call the babysitter, they should set up a time for the sitter to come to the home to be interviewed. The children should be at the home so the parents can see how the babysitter will interact with them. The parents should ask as many questions as they can in order to see if the babysitter is reliable. Situations should be used as examples to see how the sitter would answer them. If the parents are unsure about some of the answers, they should not hire the babysitter. Fees and what the parents will provide for the babysitter while they are working should be discussed before the sitter is hired.If the babysitter is hired, the parents need to have a plan on paper for the babysitter to follow. This includes when the children eat, nap and play. Important phone numbers need to be placed where the babysitter can easily see them. The location of where the parents will be during the day or the evening needs to be discussed in the event of an emergency. All of the necessary supplies to take care of the children need to be in the home so the babysitter knows where to find them.

How can you use babysitter in a sentence?

My babysitter just arrived, "Hi I'm your babysitter" Is that the babysitter?

Did the television show your babysitter is a vampire go off the air?

The disney channel show "My Babysitter is a vampire (first found in Canada)" did go off the air.

What is your first concern as a babysitter?

To ensure the child's safety and if they are behaving then keep them happy.

Why doesn't Disney channel show the first my babysitter's a vampire episode?


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