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Dmitri Mendeleev, a Russian chemist, was the first scientist to make a periodic table. He built upon research from scientists such as Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier and Stanislao Cannizzaro.


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The person who published the first widely recognized periodic table was a man named Dmitri Mendeleev. Other people have been credited but Dmitri was the first.

A Russian, Mendeleev, invented the periodic table.

The periodic table was created by a man named Mendeleev, which is a Russian name. The periodic table was discovered in present day Russia.

If you are looking at the proper periodic table, there aren't any man made elements.

The periodic table is based on all of the elements and man made elements.

All metals known to man are already included in the periodic table.

Helium with an atomic number of 2,is the lightest gas on the periodic table :)

Arranging the periodic table by atomic number rather than atomic mass was first suggested by a British man named Henry Moseley in 1913. Before that point, the periodic table was organized by atomic mass, and has several inconsistencies and problems.

Dmitri Mendeleev is the man who gets the most credit for the creation of the Periodic Table.

Only 98 of the elements on the periodic table occur naturally. The rest are man-made.

There are 118 Elements on the periodic table including plutonium and all the man made stuff and the unknown stuff to (Unnamed).

Technetium (Tc) was the first man made element. With atomic number 43 it is the lowest chemical element without a stable isotope.

its not in the periodic table because its man made

the periodic table was created by a man called Nathan Burley, he attended high school, in england. He made the periodic to look for patterns in chemical elements.

The man-made elements will usually be found at the end of a modern periodic table. Look up periodic table in your search engine.

Abel Tasman (Dutch) was the first European man to discover New Zealand

A periodic table is used to sort the 114 elements known to man. It is sorted in groups (alkalis, halogens, noble gases) and according to the number of electrons the elements have.

This question does not make sence. The periodic table is a chart of all of the elements know to man. All of these elements are composed of atoms (as is all matter).

mendeleev creates a periodic table mendeleev predicts undiscovered elements moseley arranges the periodic table by atomic number a periodic table is created by mendeleev mendeleev predicts undiscovered elements the periodic table is arranged by atomic number by a man named moseley

As of January 27, 2008, there are 117 elements, and all of which can be found on the Periodic Table of Elements. See the link below for the Periodic Table of elements.

Ununhexium is the heaviest metal in the periodic table of elements. It is man made however, so it might not count. The heaviest natural metal might be Radium.

Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869

The smallest element known to man is Hydrogen (H).

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