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Who was the first person to believe in islam?

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Of course prophet Muhammad is the first person who believed in Islam per Quran revelation to him by God.

After the prophet;

  • The first man believed in Islam is AbouBakr
  • The first boy believed in Islam is Aly Ibn Abou Taleb
  • The first woman believed in Islam is Khadija (the first prophet wife)wife
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That person who accept the first Islam?

Ali ibn Abi Talib was the first person to accept Islam

What did malcum x believe in?

At first he was a Christian then he converted to nation of Islam and then he reverted to Islam

Is the musslem and Islam the same religion?

yes they are Islam is the name of the religion and Muslim is the name of a person that believe the religion

Which was the first religion Muslim believe?

Muslims believed in Islam ....

Who is dajjal in Islam?

He is a person who make people believe he's god when he's not.

Who was important in Islam?

The most important person in Islam is Prophet Muhammad (saw). Muslims believe he is the Messenger of Allah. _Sincere Muslimah_

Who is the pope in Islam?

The "pope" means the Vicar of Christ. As Islam does not believe in the divinity of the second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, I can of doubt that they have a "pope".

Who brought the religion of Islam into North Africa?

Mansa Musa is the first person who brought Islam to Africa

Who was the first person to accept Islam?

Islam's first person to accept Islam wasn't Prophet Muhammed because Islam was made for him and Allah (god) also in the times of the holy prophet he dicribed chritianty as one of the religon of god. 1st person was Adam cause he was a Muslim to.

Who was the first woman to accept the religion of Islam?

Khadijah (Allah be pleased with her), wife of prophet Muhammad (PBUH), was the first person and first woman to accept Islam.

Who was the first person to except Islam?

Except means to exclude, to remove from consideration. It is not possible to say who was the first person to except Islam. _________________________________________ The first person to accept Islam was Adam (PBUH). All God prophets including Noah. Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad were Muslims per the universal sense of Islam as full submission to God the one and only one God.

Are people who believe in Islam Muslim?

yes people who believe in Islam are Muslims

Which religion was first led by a single person?

That would have to be Islam, first led by Muhammad.

The rligion of Islam?

??? what.. if you believe in Islam then your a Muslim

Why do people worship Islam?

People worship in various faith for they believe in their faith, which is the same in Islam. People worship Islam because it is what they believe in. They believe in Islam as being the final revelation of God.

Who was the first person to die in Islam?

The first Muslim who died in the name of islam was a women. Her name was Hazrat Sumayya R.A.U. She was martyred by Abu Jahl.

How many people believe in Islam?

About 1, 50, 00,00,000 people believe in Islam.

How many people believe in the religion islam?

A lot of people are believe in Islam religion....

What is the first and the foremost aim and objective of Islam?

To believe in the oneness of God and worship God

Is Islam a person?

no , Islam is NOT a person , therefore Islam is a religion . In Arabic meanings , peace .

Do Muslims have any enemys?

depends on the person but in islam we believe that we should forgive people and not hold grudges

First person to die in Islam christian and Hindu?

AnswerFirst person to die was one of the son of Adam killed by his own brother.

Who is the first Muslim?

The first person to convert to Islam was Al-Sayida Khadijah Bint Khuwaylid.

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