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It was me!

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Who was the first person to study iron and its properties?

An unknown person in the Iron Age.

Where to find a riolu in diamond?

You get it from a person at Iron Island.

Who discovered iron atom?

It is unknown who the first person was to discover the iron atom. However, the first uses of iron have been documented around 1500 B.C.

Who discovered iron?

The exact person who first discovered iron is unknown, because its first uses predate any reliable historical records.

Who started the first iron furnace in the west of the Allegheny Mountains?

Peter Tharr Tarr was the first person to build the iron furnace west of the Alleghenies.

Who was the first person to build an iron bridge?

The first iron bridge in the world was designed by Thomas Farnolls Pritchard and built by Abraham Darby III.

Who was the first person to dicover Iron?

it was discovered before written history

Who is the first person to find a tiger?

We don't know who really was or "is" the first person to find or see a tiger.

Where would you find iron in your home?

You will probaly never find iron-ore if thats what you mean in house because the first thing the person who is selling you the land does flatten the land and if a certain type of rock or etc is find they will probaly take it for themselves or not give you the house if their if a lot of that rock or etc their.

Find out how was the first ISP?

Its a mad man iron man

Who was the first person to find a mummy?

who was the first perso to find a mummy

Who had discovered the element iron?

People from India, Anatolia, or Caucasus were the first to start smelting iron, but as for the specific person, they are undocumented.

Who made the first curling iron?

The person that invented the first curling iron is Marcel Grateau in 1890. Although there was a patent for the curling iron in 1866 to a man named Hiram Maxim, but he did not get credit for the invention.

Who was the inventor of the electric soldering iron?

Ernst Sachs is believed to be the first person that said he invented the electric soldering iron. He was from Germany.

Who was the first person to find a flower?

Depending on what you believe might be the name of the first humanoid on earth, that might be the first person to find a blooming plant.

Who spoke of the iron curtain first?

the Person who spoke of the iron curtain first was Winston Churchill. For more info look up Winston Churchill on google and it will show you alot about him and his speeches about the Iron Curtain. Hope this helps! ~Prue

Where do you find strength in platnuim?

go to iron island and at the entrance there will be a person, talk to him and he will give you strength

Who was the first person to find the first crystal?

An unknown person ten of thousand years ago.

Who was the first person to find flowers?

Adam aka the first person to walk on the planet Earth

Who is the first person who got abs?

The first person who got abs was the first person on earth. Everyone has abdominal muscles, but not every person has developed abdominal muscles.

Who was the first person to discover dissloving?

difficult to find out who was the first

Who was the first person to find out about ISP?


How do you get to craselia?

Around when you completed the first pokedex you go to iron island and that is where you find cresselia

Where can one find a Cast Iron Tortilla Press?

A person can find a cast iron tortilla press at Target, Newegg, eBay, Amazon, Tundra Restaurant Supply, Goodmans, Sears, CHEFS Catalog, and The Mexican Products.

Who was the first person to find out that the world was not flat?


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