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Who was the first person to invent a ball-point pen?

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Did Lazlo Biro invent the ballpoint pen?

yes he did invent a ballpoint pen.yesYes, he did invent the ballpoint pen.

Who is Gyorgy biro?

He is Laszlo biros, the inventor of the ballpoint pen, brother. he helped invent the ballpoint pen

What did john loud invent?

the ballpoint pen

When did Millard Fillmore invent the Ballpoint Pen?


How did the ballpoint pen come to be?

1. Lazlo biro was the first person to invent the ball point pen in 1888 2. Lewis Waterson was the 2nd person to invent the pen(fountain pen) 3. John Loud was the third/last person to invent the ballpoint pen 4. People have been using ballpoint pens for just about 300 years! 5. We use ball point pens because they are easier to write with and the tip doesn't snap like a pencil would, pencils just break if you push the tip of the led down 6. We use pens just about everyday

Which country invented the ballpoint pen?

The first country to invent the ballpoint pen was the United States. John Jacob Loud, an American inventor, is known for designing the first ballpoint pen. However, it did not become a viable commercial endeavor until Biro Pens of Argentina was founded in 1941.

Who invent pen?

L.E. Waterman of New York designed the firstworkable fountain pen in 1884. Lazlo Biro patented the first ballpoint pen in 1938

How did john loud get the idea to invent the ballpoint pen?

his weird imagination

What did the Lazlo brothers invent?

The Lazlo brothers invented the ballpoint pen.

What was the year ballpoint pen invented?

The first ballpoint pen was issued on 6 of jan by corbin doe

When did the ballpoint pen first appear?

The ballpoint pen also dates back to the late nineteenth century.

When was the ballpoint pen first marketed in the United States?

The ballpoint pen was introduced to the U.S. market in 1945.

How invent first pen?

The first fountain pen was designed in 1884, by Waterman of New York. In 1938, Biro patented the first ballpoint pen. Of course, the real first pens were quills, which were feathers, sharpened at the end and dipped in ink.

Who helped laszlo biro invent the ballpoint pen?

his only brother georg biro

What are the First Ballpoint pen in the Philippines?

parker, ni ball pen

What helpful school object did Ladislao Biro invent?

Biro was the inventor of the modern ballpoint pen.

How did the ballpoint pen affect history?

A simple answer is that a ballpoint pen could be carried on your person, so freeing you from having to carry a bottle of ink and a steel-nibbed dip pen.

Who invented ballpoint pen?

While there were several prior patents launched, the standardised ballpoint pen as you know it was invented by László Bíró. The first patent of the ballpoint pen was John Loud ..1888; 60 years before.

Who made the first ballpoint pen?

John Loud

Who invented the ballponit pen?

The first ballpoint pen patent, 392,046, was issued to John Loud on October 30, 1888. However, László and Georg Bíró created the first commercial ballpoint pen.

What year did Millard Fillmore invent the ballpoint pen?

He didn't. John J. Loud invented the pen in 1888, fourteen years after Fillmore died.

Who invented jell pen?

the first person to invent the jell pen did it by poring a lot of water with ink

When was the first ballpoint pen invented?

1888 by John Loud :)

What is the Most expensive ballpoint pen in the world?

As far as i can tell the most expensive ballpoint pen in the world is the Mont Blanc ballpoint

What is a ballpoint?

A ballpoint is another name for a ballpoint pen or biro, or the device by which it writes.

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