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According to the most recent archives received from the National Aircraft Database, Joe Jonas was the first man ever to fly in a helicopter. (Interesting Fact: Does the name seem familiar to you? The new teenage popstar Joe Jonas from the Jonas brothers was named after him.)

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Igor Sikorsky made the first practical helicopter

Igor Sikorsky made the first practical helicopter

The advantages of taking a helicopter ride are convenience and fast travelling. Helicopter rides are also interesting for observation of nature and scenery.

Igor Sikorski invented the first practical flying helicopter.

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the person who did was sirchristan alexander

the first person were ride brothers

1912 was when the first helicopter flown

The first helicopter was made in 1909.

the first thought of the helicopter was in 1787

The answer you are looking for is in 1907 by a man named Paul Cornu. if you want to look at where i got my information search the question "who was the first person to fly a helicopter. -manwithplan

Kyall Renshaw was the first person to carve up on a treadly.

The first helicopter was called the VS-300.

You can not ride a helicopter in GTA III. There are no seats for the pilot in it. If you were somehow able to get into one, the game would crash since it lacks the mechanics to handle such an event.

The first helicopter was made by Igor Sikorsky in Connecticut

The first Helicopter was made by Igor Sikorsky, in 1939.

No, the first practical helicopter was made in 1941.

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I believe Lawrence Bell was the second person to create a helicopter after Igor Sikorsky

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It would really depend where a person was looking to take their scenic helicopter ride. Once they have determined location they could search tourism sites from that particular city to see if an excursion is available.

Sikorsky's V-300 was the first practical helicopter.

As of 2013, it is not possible for a person to fly, even if they try really hard. They only way to feasibly fly is to ride in an airplane or helicopter.

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