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Who was the first person to score a touchdown in the NFL?


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Louis Partlow of the Dayton Triangles. It was before the NFL but he is credited it as such since that league was renamed a few years later to NFL. -Rebecca


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Barry Sanders scored his first NFL touchdown on September 10, 1989.

Who threw the first NFL touchdown pass

No. The first team to score in overtime is declared the winner. If that score is a touchdown, no extra point is attempted.

Get the football into the end zone by running or passing

The NFL was founded in 1920 but the name of the first player to return an interception for a touchdown is not listed.

Reggie Bush's first NFL touchdown was a 65 yard punt return against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on October 8, 2006. The Saints won the game 24-21.

You cannot score a single point in football. Yes, you can get one point from the extra point after a touchdown, but that requires you to score six points in the first place.

This answer is uncertain, because the first touchdown was not recorded. Also no one ever gave any thought of recording the first touchdown of the NFL.

The Green Bay Packers play "Bang the Drum All Day" by Todd Rundgren after every touchdown they score.

When they score a touchdown they have to kick it away and also they have to make a pat after the touchdown or if its a field goal

Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VI ... they lost to the Dallas Cowboys 24-3.

Payton Manning. Payton manning score a touchdown in 12 seconds.

In the NFL, if the offense scores a touchdown, the team is credited with a first down. Check any NFL game's play-by-play on and count all of the first downs. Now, compare them to the total first downs credited in the box score. If touchdowns were scored by the offense, they must be added to make the totals come out even.

Yes. Not only does the clock stop for touchdowns, but for any score.

Touchdown = 6 points Point after touchdown (PAT) kick = 1 point Point after touchdown (PAT) run = 2 point Fieldgoal = 3 points Safety = 2 points (though this is rare occurence)

Only if it relates to a first down or touchdown.

Scoring a field goal in American football cannot be done in conjunction with a touchdown. They are two independent ways of scoring. You may have meant can you score an "extra point" without a touchdown. In American football, extra points (1 or 2 depending on type of play), can only happen in conjunction with a touchdown. In Canadian football, they may be scored under circumstances not related to a touchdown.

Six points are scored for a touchdown.

The first player to score a TD in Texas Stadium in an NFL game was Duane Thomas of the Cowboys who scored on a 56 yard run in the first quarter of the Cowboys 44-21 victory over the New England Patriots on October 24, 1971.

Yes, they could. There are two ways an NFL defense can score touchdowns. One way is to intercept a pass and run it back into the endzone. The other way is by recovering an opposing teams fumble and running it into the endzone.

Max McGee caught the first touchdown pass in Super Bowl I (technically the first AFL-NFL World Championship) on January 15, 1967, as the Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10. He caught 2 touchdowns in that game and a reception that set up a touchdown in Super Bowl II the following year, which marked his final season in the NFL.

tackle the QB extra hard to make a fumble thin grab it and run 4 a td

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