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Q: Who was the first person who thought of the idea of geostationary orbit?
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First Indian satellite put in geostationary orbit is?

Insat 1a

Which is closer to the sun a satellite in Leo orbit or in geostationary orbit?

LEO orbit is closer to the Earth than a geostationary orbit is.There's essentially no difference in their distance from the Sun.

A satellite communication system why is the geostationary orbit preferred?

A geostationary orbit will keep the satellite in one area relative to the surface

Are geostationary orbit and equatorial orbit same?

No. Geostationary orbits are equatorial, but equatorial orbits are not necessarily geostationary. To be geostationary, the orbit needs to be equatorial, circular and at the altitude such that one orbit takes one sidereal day (approximately 24 hours 3 minutes 56 seconds. ) An equatorial orbit need only be located above the equator, may have any period and need not be circular.

Fullform of geo abbrevation?

Geostationary Earth Orbit

How can you tell if a satellite is in a geostationary orbit?

me nuh care

What is the minimum number of satellites needed to cover the whole Earth?

The absolute minimum number is for momentary complete cover is 4 in a triangular prism shape, but these will not stay in the right positions as they are not in a geostationary orbit. 3 in geostationary orbit will give very bad and failing coverage at the poles and at the outer edge of their footprint 6, 3 in polar orbit and 3 in geostationary orbit will help, but for a practical coverage 4 in geostationary orbit and 4 in polar orbit will be more practical

How far above the earth is geostationary orbit?

Geostationary satellites are in an orbit that's 22,282 mi (35,786 km) above the surface of the Earth. For more on Geostationary satellite orbits, visit

Why communication satellites are stationed geostationary orbits?

the communication satellites take 24 hours to complete their one revolution around the earthso the orbit of revolving satellite is called geostationary orbit.

What is non geostationary?

A geostationary orbit is an orbit of the Earth that is circular, over the equator, and at the right distance to have a period of 24 hours. A satellite in such an orbit appears to hang motionless, always at the same point in the sky Anything else is a non-geostationary orbit. A satellite in one of those appears to move in the sky, so that if you want to communicate with it, you need a movable dish.

Is hubble telescope geostatic?

The Hubble Space Telescope (or HST) is not in a geostationary orbit. The HST is located at an average altitude of 600 Km. Earths' geostationary orbit is at approximately 36 000 Km.

What is the difference between geostationary orbit and sun synchronous orbit?

GEOSTATIONARY=GEO+STATIONARY MEANS EARTH+FIXED POINT thus geostationary orbit is orbit around the earth is in the same plane as that defined by the earths equator at an altitude of 22,236 miles (35,786 km eg say satellite such that it appears to be stationary to the orbit of the earth above the equator all day long. where as sun synchronous orbit occurs from north to south pole as the earth rotates