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A:The prophet Muhammad was the first to preach Islam.
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Another name for preacher in Islam?

He is called in Arabic " da'eah".

Who was a Muslim preacher who was assassinated while giving a speech in 1965?

Malcolm X was a preacher from the African American Religion called Nation of Islam who was assassinated in 1965.

Is wife sharing allowed in Islam if had shared then nikah would remain intact or not?

Well i am not a preacher nor a Priest - IT IS HARAM SHARING WIFE IN ISLAM

What kind of preacher do Muslims have?

Any Muslim scholar having true knowledge of Islam can preach Islam. In a way, anybody can preach speaking truth, being honest in one's dealings, being helful to humans, being charitable and kind to all. All human beings are the Family of God. No particular kind of preacher is obligatory in Islam.

What was the first name of Islam?

If there is a first name for Christianity or first name for Judaism then you can find a first name for Islam. There is no first name for Islam...it's "Islam". Islam is God, the Creator, religion as Christianity and Judaism.

Who was the Most well known preacher during the first great awakening?

George Whitefield was the well-known preacher during the First Great Awakening.

Who was the first Mu'adhin in Islam?

The first Mu'adhin in Islam was Bilal ibn Ribah, and he was the first African convert to Islam.

Who is Calpurnia's preacher in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Calpurnia's preacher is Reverend Sykes, pastor of First Purchase M.E. Church.

What has the author Said Abouadaou written?

Said Abouadaou has written: 'I was an Algerian preacher' -- subject(s): Christian converts from Islam

What is the oldest name of Islam?

from first islam was the name of islam.

Where did Islam first develop?

Islam was first revealed and developed in Makkah.

What is the first queen in Islam?

There are no royalties in Islam.

Where in the Caribbean did Islam first started?

Islam first started in the deserts of Arabia.

Who was Islam first leader?

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the first Islam leader.

Who was the first man Martyr in Islam?

Hazrat Haris (R.A) was the first martyr of Islam.

Who was the first person to believe in islam?

Of course prophet Muhammad is the first person who believed in Islam per Quran revelation to him by God.After the prophet;The first man believed in Islam is AbouBakrThe first boy believed in Islam is Aly Ibn Abou TalebThe first woman believed in Islam is Khadija (the first prophet wife)wife

What was the name first battle of Islam?

battle of Badar is the first battle that took place in islam

Which pray was The first pray of Islam and who performed it?

which pray was the first pray in Islam and who performed it and where.

Why is shahada the first prayer of Islam?

Shahada is not a prayer. It is the first pillar of Islam. It is the declaration of faith.

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