Who was the first shoe maker?

There are no records about when exactly footwear was invented. There are pictorial records of footwear from Egypt dating about 5,000 years ago. Just like body coverings, footwear was a matter of convenience according to terrain.
Possibly In Mesopotamia (c. 1600-1200 BC), a type of soft shoes were worn by the mountain people who lived on the border of Iran. who also have the first recipe for beer.  

On the lighter side...

Ogg the footsore. In the misty dawn of time before records were kept, there was a certain tribe of inventive people. Ogg was not the strongest of the males so he wasn't the leader of the tribe and he seldom got much attention from the others. This was about to change.
One day while on the hunt for meat, the men of the tribe outran Ogg simply because Ogg had very tender soles. This was unacceptable to him because he knew that he was just as swift as the others; he just had more tender feet. Never one to "grin and bear it" as it were, the intrepid hunter found that there were smaller animals that the rest of the tribe had overlooked in their quest for sustenance.
In other words, he killed a rabbit. While he was skinning this rabbit for the meat, he noticed that the fur was soft and since his feet hurt, he tied the fur to one of his feet. This was comfort indeed! While the relief from the pain was immediate, there was only one rabbit skin. Ever the intrepid hunter, he quickly nailed another rabbit and skinned it. Now he had two rabbit skins and much comfort indeed!
While Ogg munched on raw rabbit for lunch, he pondered the consequences of his latest discovery. Being a solitary male in his peer group, he did not have much opportunity with the women of the tribe. He knew that there was one woman in the tribe who suffered from the same foot ailment he did, so he thought that perhaps if he got her a pair of skins, she would be favorable to his advances.
Out came the rocks again, and since Ogg was an extremely accurate hunter, two more rabbits were quickly dispatched. Skinning these a different way and pleased with his efforts, he literally bunny hopped it back to the camp and found his intended. Tying the skins to her feet, he made an instant hit. For this special pair he had left the feet and head of the hapless rabbits intact.

Thus was born two types of foot wear! The tribe, being very guttural, called the regular kind mukluks, the special kind were called bunny slippers and Ogg was much in demand as a connoisseur of fine shoes from that day forward.