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Who was the first skydiver?

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There are two parachutists who claimed to be the first to jump

out of an aeroplane. Both Grant Morton and Captain Albert Berry

parachuted from an airplane in 1911 or 1912. Morton had a silk

parachute folded in his arms which he threw out as he left the

plane. Captain Berry had a 36 foot parachute packed into a metal

case beneath the fuselage. The chute had a trapeze bar for him to

hold on to as he jumped and descended to the ground.

André-Jacques Garnerin became the first person to make a

parachute jump on October 22, 1797. He ascended in a hydrogen

balloon and was dropped from about 6,500 feet over Monceau Park in

Paris in a parachute 23 feet in diameter. The parachute was made of

white canvas with a basket attached. In 1799, Garnerin's wife,

Jeanne-Genevieve Garnerin, became the first woman to make a

parachute jump. The first freefall jump from an aeroplane was made

by Georgia "Tiny" Broadwick in 1914. In WW1 British Pilots were

denied parachutes lest they used them to desert their aircraft


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