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Sam Cooke is generall credited as "the man who invented Soul", so that would be my safest guess.

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Who is the singer in hey soul sister?

The singer is Train

When was Doris Duke - soul singer - born?

Doris Duke - soul singer - was born in 1945.

Was Alexandra burkes mum the lead singer of soul to soul?


What legendary soul singer wrecked his corvette the first time he drove it?

Ray Charles

Who is soul singer Adams?


When was Maxine Brown - soul singer - born?

Maxine Brown - soul singer - was born on 1939-08-18.

Which singer known as queen of soul?

Aretha Franklin is known as the Queen of Soul.

Who was the lead singer of Soul Coughing?

The former lead singer was Mike Doughty

What are the release dates for Super Soul Sunday - 2011 Oprah and Michael Singer The Untethered Soul?

Super Soul Sunday - 2011 Oprah and Michael Singer The Untethered Soul was released on: USA: 5 August 2012

Does neo soul singer maxwell have children?


What is aretha franklin's job?


Which female singer sang heart and soul?

T'Pau sang Heart and soul in 1987

Who is the lead singer in back to life by soul to soul?

Think you will find it was Caron Wheeler.

Who is the original singer of runaway train?

the original singer of runaway train is soul asylum

How did aretha Franklin get famous?

She became a popular singer with heart and soul. She is known as "The Queen of Soul".

Who was lead singer back to life soul 2 soul?

Brit Vocalist, Caron Wheeler

Which singer is known as The Queen of Soul?

Aretha Franklin.

What female soul singer is Mormon?

Gladys Knight

What girl singer sold there soul to the devil?

No one.

What kind of singer is Alicia Keys?

Soul Pop.

Is Steve Cline the best soul singer ever?


Who is the singer of resonance soul eater?

T.M. Revolution

Who is the first Filipino singer?

who is the first filipino singer?? who is the first filipino singer??

What is the lead singer's name in Collective Soul?

The lead singer of Collective Soul is Ed Roland

Who sang Take a Letter to Maria?

Take a Letter to Maria was written and first performed by R. B. Greaves, an American soul singer.