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Well, the National League actually started in 1876 not 1885, but I will give you both. In 1876 Ross Barnes of the Chicago WhiteStockings batted .429 and in 1885, Roger Connor of the New York Giants batted .371.

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Q: Who was the first to lead the National League in batting?
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Did the Cardinals lead the National league in home runs in 1998?

Yes. The Cardinals hit 223 home runs in 1998 to lead the National League. The Braves were second with 215 and the Cubs were third with 212.

Who was the first national leaguer to lead the league in doubles three straight years?

Dan Brouthers led the National League in doubles in 1886, 1887, and 1888 with 40, 36, and 33, respectively. The first player to do it in the 20th century was Honus Wagner, who led the league 4 times in a row from 1906-1909.

What was the lowest batting average ever to lead the league?

In 1968, Carl Yastrzemski led the American League with a .301 average.

How many cmplete games were pitched in major league baseball in 2011?

Up through the 2011 All-Star break, 114 ... 52 in the National League and 62 in the American League. Teams: The Philadelphia Phillies lead the National League with 11 and the Seattle Mariners lead the American League with 9. Pitchers: James Shields of the Tampa Bay Rays leads the American League with 7 and Roy Halladay of the Philadelphia Phillies leads the National League with 6.

Who was the first rookie to lead the NBA in scoring?

George Mikan of the Minneapolis Lakers with a 28.3 average for the 1948-49 season. The league was known as the Basketball Association of America at that time. The first rookie to lead the league in scoring when it was known, as it is today, as the National Basketball Association was Wilt Chamberlain who averaged 37.6 points in the 1959-60 season.

What is a lead off in softball?

It is the first girl in the batting order

Who hit the most home runs in 1980?

Mike Schmidt hit 48 home runs in the National League to lead the Majors in 1980. Reggie Jackson, and Ben Oglivie lead the American League with 41.

Who had the best batting average in MLB in 1996?

Alex Rodriguez (20) batted .3577 in 1996 to lead the league.

Who was the first Anaheim Angel to lead or tie for the American League home run crown in a season?

Bobby Grich was the first Angels player to lead the American League in home runs when he hit 22 in the 1981 season and tied with Tony Armas, Dwight Evans, and Eddie Murray for the league lead. The only other Angels player to win a league home run crown was Reggie Jackson who tied with Gorman Thomas for the league lead in 1982 with 39.

Who was the first broncos coach to lead them to a title?

Title? Division Conference or League?

Who was the only Chicago Cubs pitcher to lead the national league in victories in the 1970s?

Fergie Jenkins with 24 wins in 1971.

Which MLB player's hit the most home runs in 2005?

Andruw Jones hit 51 home runs for the National League in 2005 to lead the Majors. Alex Rodriguez hit 48 home runs to lead the American League.

How many times did Carlos Delgado lead the American or National league in home runs?

He has never led so far in his career.

Who was the last person to win the triple crown?

During the 2012 season, Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers became the first player in 45 years to win the Triple Crown of batting. He led the American League with a .330 batting average, 44 home runs and 139 runs batted in. It was the first Triple Crown in Major League baseball since 1967, when Carl Yastrzemski of the Boston Red Sox led the American League with a .326 batting average, 44 home runs (tied for the lead with Harmon Killebrew) and 121 runs batted in.

Who was the first switch hitter to lead the Major League Baseball in RBI's?

The first switch hitter to lead MLB in RBIs was New York Giants shortstop George Davis, who had 136 RBIs in 1897. Of course, there wasn't an American League at that time. The only switch hitter, after 1901 and the birth of the American League, to lead MLB in RBIs was Mickey Mantle who had 130 in 1956.

Who has the worst NLSL batting average?

#8 Craig Nangle He also leads the league in most pop ups by a lead off hitter.

What professional team has the most championships?

The Montreal Canadiens in the National Hockey League have 25 championships to lead all professional sports teams.

After you are in the middle of the pond at newbark which way is the Pokemon league?

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Who is the last catcher to lead the Majors in hits?

I don't think a catcher has ever led the league in hits. It's rare for a catcher to lead the league in batting average, but even those who did so (Joe Mauer three times; Ernie Lombardi) did not play enough games to also lead all players in hits for that season.

Who hit the most home runs in 2005?

Andruw Jones led the National League with 51 home runs in 2005, Alex Ridriguez hit 48 home runs to lead the American League.

Who averaged 337 to lead the Angels in batting in 2004?

Vladimir Guerrero Vladimir Guerrero's honors include two American League Silver Slugger awards and the American League Most Valuable Player in 2004.

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Who is in first place in the NHL?

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Who has the most home runs in 2009 season?

Albert Pujols was the National League home run leader with 47. Mark Teixeira, and Carlos Pena both hit 39 home runs to lead the American League.

Who lead the National Assembly?

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