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Who was the first to lead the National League in batting?


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2004-10-09 03:41:44
2004-10-09 03:41:44

Well, the National League actually started in 1876 not 1885, but I will give you both. In 1876 Ross Barnes of the Chicago WhiteStockings batted .429 and in 1885, Roger Connor of the New York Giants batted .371.


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Yes. The Cardinals hit 223 home runs in 1998 to lead the National League. The Braves were second with 215 and the Cubs were third with 212.

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Dan Brouthers led the National League in doubles in 1886, 1887, and 1888 with 40, 36, and 33, respectively. The first player to do it in the 20th century was Honus Wagner, who led the league 4 times in a row from 1906-1909.

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In 1968, Carl Yastrzemski led the American League with a .301 average.

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Up through the 2011 All-Star break, 114 ... 52 in the National League and 62 in the American League. Teams: The Philadelphia Phillies lead the National League with 11 and the Seattle Mariners lead the American League with 9. Pitchers: James Shields of the Tampa Bay Rays leads the American League with 7 and Roy Halladay of the Philadelphia Phillies leads the National League with 6.

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It is the first girl in the batting order

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