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What are the black soldiers given in the movie glory?

I think the equal rights as the white soldiers

Is the movie Glory an accurate portrayal of the Buffalo soldiers?

The movie Glory depicts Black Union infantry during the Civil war. The name "Buffalo Soldiers" was given to Black Cavalry by the Native Americans against whom they fought during the "Indian Wars" of the 1870s.Therefore Glory is not any sort of depiction of Buffalo Soldiers.

In the movie glory what piece of apparel did the black soldiers need more than anything else?

Therefore glory is not any sort of depiction of Buffalo soldiers.

What was the role of black soldiers in the war?

== == The North enlisted about 100,000 black soldiers and they acquitted themselves well in numerous battles. Watch the movie "Glory" to learn about their early experiences and the first battle they were in.

What is the significance of the movie Glory?

Answer The movie Glory highlighted the role of the black soldiers who fought in the American Civil War. This was the first time black men served in the US Army. Later, the black soldier was used in the US Cavalry out west in the Plains Indian Wars. This movie was significant in that it informed the public of the role of the black soldier of the Civil War.

What are 4 example of racism in the movie glory?

1) The colored soldiers took more pay than the white soldiers. 2) They had shoes available for white soldiers but not to the black soldiers. 3) The black soldiers were told to do labor instead of fight like their white counterparts. 4) The black soldiers didn't have any special meals for holidays like the white counterparts.

In the movie glory what are the rumors going round the camp?

The Confederates are scalping Union soldiers

What is conflict in the glory movie?

The American Civil War, and Black troops- sometimes called Buffalo soldiers or Buffalo troopers- but not in this movie- used by the Union Forces- which was controversial at the time. U.S. Army was segregated as late as World War II and there were tvery few Black officers,

Why is the movie Glory about the civil war called Glory?

The movie Glory (1989) is base on the personal letters of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw and the writings of two books; Lay This Laurel authored by Lincoln Kirsteen, and One Gallant Rush by Peter Burchard. In all likelihood, the movie's producers draw on a major theme of the story -- the fact that neither Colonel Shaw, nor the black soldiers that make up the unit receives any respect from white Officers and soldiers. In order to acquire the respect and glory they deserved, Shaw volunteers to lead his regiment in a valiant charge against a Confederate stronghold. Shaw is killed before he can enter the fort and many of his men die trying to take the fort. The film's epilogue tells how the fort is never captured. However, news of the courage shown by the black soldiers spread, which led to a huge recruitment of black soldiers. President Lincoln later remarked that their involvement helped secure victory. So, in the end, Shaw and the 54th found the glory they were seeking.There is a book titled Undying Glory by Clinton Cox. However, the movie did not draw on that story.The movie depicts how the black soldier went to war and found glory for their race.See Sources and related links for additonal information.

What did john rawlins do in glory the movie?

stuff just watch the movie glory, and you will find out what John Rawlins did in the movie glory.

How did the six characters in the movie glory change in the course of the movie?

how did the characters change in the movie glory over the course of the movie

What movie did Frank Sinatra star in with German soldiers?

The 1958 black and white movie, Kings Go Forth.

Did both the union and the confederacy use African Americans during the civil war?

Yes. In fact, watch the movie "Glory" (starring Matthew Broderick) about the first all-black union infantry unit in the US army. As for the Confederacy, they were more reluctant, but eventually approved using black soldiers as the Confederacy was vastly outnumbered by the Union soldiers and Union-made weaponry.

In the movie Glory why did Colonel Shaw decide to sacrifice his life for a regiment manned by black soldiers?

He felt strongly about his men. He also knew that most of them would die trying to take the fort, so he wanted to try to fight also.

When were African American soldiers allowed to enlist as soldiers in the Union army?

Yes, and there was a special unit of African American soldiers in the Union army. They had white officers and did fight in battles. A good movie on this is "Glory" with Denzal Washington. Very powerful.

Who is the director in the movie Glory?

Edward Zwick directed the movie Glory, released in 1989.

What aspect of the Civil War does the movie Glory portray?

It portrays the fighting role blacks played in the Civil War and the obstacles they and their leader, Colonel Robert Gould Shaw, had to overcome to be recognized as true soldiers. The 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment was one of the first official units in which the majority of the soldiers were black.

Is the movie 'Glory' based on a true story?

Yes, but the event was not as dramatic as the movie.

What is the story of 'Glory'?

'Glory' is based on the letters of Colonel Robert G. Shaw. He was an officer in the Federal Army during the Civil War who volunteered to lead the first company of black soldiers. Colonel Shaw was faced with dealing with the prejudices of both the enemy (who had orders to kill commanding officers of blacks), and of his own fellow officers. The story was made into a popular movie by the same name, starring Matthew Broderick.

Who directed the movie Glory Road?

Glory Road is a very inspirational basketball movie directed by James Gartner. Set in 1966 it tells the story of an all black college basketball team which endeavors to break down color prejudice.

In the movie Glory what is the meaning of the title GLORY?

I believed of the trully oppressed. The Glory of God, was shown

How old is Robert Shaw at the beginning of the movie Glory?

Robert Shaw was 23 at the beginnig of the movie "Glory".

In the movie glory what happened when the soldiers found out they were getting less pay than the white soldiers what did the colonel do when they ripped up their paychecks?

The colonel exclaimed, If you will take no pay, then I will take no pay until you are paid the same as a white soldier.

Where can you buy glory glory on DVD?

please tell me were can i buy glory the movie plz plz im dying to seit

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