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Who was the goalie on the USA team in 1996 in the world cup of hockey?

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30 Jim Carey- Washington Capitals31 Guy Hebert- Mighty Ducks35 Mike Richter- New York Rangers

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Who was the goalie on the US team in 1996 in the world championship of hockey?

Mike Richter helped the US team to the gold medal in the inaugural World Cup of Hockey in 1996, while also winning the Most Valuable Player award in the competition.

Who is the goalie for the Detroit hockey team?

Jim Howard

Does the third goalie in hockey get a medal?

If the team has a third goalie that is part of the team that won the medal, then he does get a medal regardless of if he played.

What does the hockey jersey represent?

The hockey jersey represents the team a player/goalie plays for.

How many defensive players are on a hockey team not including the goalie?


What side does the goalie start in in hockey?

The goalie starts on either the home or guest end of the rink with the rest of their team.

What are hockey backs?

Hockey backs are the defenders. They aren't the goalie but they help defend on behalf of the goalie. If you are playing a weak team being a back can be quite boring but if you are challenging a strong team it can be quite an interesting game for you.

Mike milbury goalie for what team?

he's not a goalie. he played for Boston in the 70's and now he is a hockey analyst for cbc.

Why do hockey goalies lead their teams onto the ice?

because it is a symbol that that the goalie is the strongest part of the team and usually if the goalie fails the whole team fails.

In a ice hockey game why does a team loose their goalie?

They dont loose their goalie they pull them and they come to the bench and a normal skater goes on for the team. They dont loose their goalie they pull them and they come to the bench and a normal skater goes on for the team.

What are the 11 positions on a hockey team?

On a field hockey team there are.... 4 forwards, 3 halfbacks, 1 sweeper, 2 backs, and 1 goalie.

What team won the World Cup in 1996?

World cup of hockey in 1996 was won by the united states (runner up Canada)

What is the name of the NJ Devils hockey goalie?

The #1 goalie on the team is Martin Brodeur. The backup goalie's name is Kevin Weekes.

How many players are on the ice per team in a hockey game?

6, including your goalie

What team member can use feet arms and body to stop the ball in hockey?

The goalie

How many calories does a hockey goalie burn?

A hockey goalie burns approximately 600 calories per hour. This can increase considerably if the opposing team spends much of the time near his goal.

How do you become a hockey goalie?

go along to you're nearest ice hockey team and express you're desires to play hockey in paticular to play in goals.

How many players are on the field field hockey field?

there are 11 for each team including a goalie

Which sport has 6 player on a team?

Hockey does (five skaters and one goalie) Hope i helped!!!

Positions in hockey?

In Ice Hockey each team has: Left Winger Center Right Winger Left Defense Right Defense Goalie

How many players can be on a hockey team?

im pretty sure there should be 24. But only 19 players(Including the goalie) can play on the ice in one game. there can be a backup goalie who replaces the starting goalie

What sport has 5 people on a team?

Basketball (all players included), ice hockey (without the goalie)

Who was the goalie for the US mens Olympic ice hockey team in 1988?

Mike Richter and Chris Terreri.

No of hockey team play in World Cup?

11 team participate in hockey world cup

Does a tie count in field hockey?

no, 1 player at a time on the other teams goalie does strokes. everyone from each team does it on the goalie. who-ever has the most strokes, wins.