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do you know?the governor of Jerusalem on the time Jesus crusified is poncius pilate.

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What was the name of the hill where Jesus was crusified?

do you know?the hill (place) where jesus was crusified is on the hill called calvary(golotha in hebrew)

Who is the first pope and who chose him to be the leader of the apostles?

The first Pope was St. Peter and Jesus chose him but the Romans hated him so sent him to be crusified but St. Peter refused to be crusified like Jesus so they crusified him upsiedown.

What city was Jesus crusified in?

Jesus was crucified just outside the city of Jerusalem.

At what age was Jesus crusified?

It is believed that Jesus was 33 years old when he was crucified.

Who was emperor during Jesus ministry?

Augustus Caesar was emperor when Jesus was crusified.

Who were crusified with Jesus?

Two other robbers where on each side of Jesus when he was being crucified.

Did Jesus build the cross he was crusified on?

no. it was already built. the Romans built it

Can you visit the site where Jesus was crusified?

Yes you can visit the sight at Calvary.

Why did Jesus get crusified?

he died because he told everyone that he was god the one who did miracles

What did Jesus predict about his death?

he predict that he would be crusified and he would rise from the dead

Why was Jesus Christ Hung?

He wasn't hung he was crusified, so our sins can be forgiven...

Was Jesus pbuh crusified?

Not sure what pbuh means, but Jesus Christ was crucified, hanging on the cross until death.

Who found Jesus?

Well, nobody found Jesus when he was born, but when he was crusified, Mary Magdalene was the first to see him after his ressurectionm from the dead.

How many other people was with jesus when he was crusified?

Beside Jesus there were two robbers , who were also crucified one on each side.

What happened 2 days after Jesus was crusified?

Nothing much , it happened on the third day.

How old was Jesus when crusified?

According to the Holy Bible, Christ was the age of 33 when crucified!

Where was Jesus crusified?

Many people say that Jesus was crucified at Golgotha right outside Jerusalem, but not a lot of people know where exactly where.

What happens on good Friday?

On good Friday we remember when Jesus Christ got crusified by the Romans.

Who painted the conventional Jesus?

i was told that jesus was a figment of the indian's imagination and none believed in him/her (jesus) and after mary, joseph, and jesus were crusified and passed on indian's came and helped invent the conventional jesus.

Did Jesus get crusified?

He was Crucified, yes, but rose again in three days to save mankind from eternal death.

How old was jesus when he got crusified?

He was 33 years old on his earthly life. But we must remember he is ageless really.

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