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What is important about the movie 'It's a Wonderful Life'?

The Capra film was a popular Christmas saga that is essentially an inversion of the Scrooge plot. Capra takes some liberties, instead of being Smug, the businessman, a banker, is contemplating suicide in the Yule tide, is visited by angels rather than ghosts of the tenses of time, but there is much ( Full Answer )

Who acted in the film It's a Wonderful Life?

Actors in It's a Wonderful Life were:. Jimmy Stewart, as George Bailey. Donna Reed, as Mary Hatch Bailey. Lionel Barrymore, as Henry Potter. Thomas Mitchell, as Uncle Billy Bailey. Henry Travers, as the Angel (2nd Class). For a complete listing of the cast, you can go to Wikipedia. See the p ( Full Answer )

Who are the character in the movie It's a Wonderful Life?

I can't remember all of them myself but I do know Jimmy Stewart is the main character and wishes because his life is so full of agony and out of control that he is no longer here. Mary is his wife, Little Zulu is the daughter that gets a cold right before Christmas. Mr. Potter is the evil banker, th ( Full Answer )

Who plays the villain in It's A Wonderful Life?

Another way to ask this question is: What is the character name, and the name of the actor, that played the villain in "It's A Wonderful Life? He is the great uncle of a current famous actress with whom he shares the same last name." The answer, Lionel Barrymore; Great Uncle of Drew Barrymore.

What is the girl's name in it's a wonderful life?

In the film It's a Wonderful Life , there are four young girls' characters. Young Mary Hatch is played by Jean Gale, young Violet Bick is played by Jeanine Ann Roose, Janie Bailey is played by Carol Coombs and Zuzu Bailey is played by Karolyn Grimes.

Who wrote It's a Wonderful Life?

Philip Van Doren Stern [September 10, 1900-January 29, 1984] wrote the short story The Greatest Gift, which served as the "loose basis" for the 1946 film It's a Wonderful Life by producer/director Frank Russell Capra [May 18, 1897-September 3, 1991].

In the movie It's a Wonderful Life where did George work as a young boy?

When he was a boy, George Bailey worked for a pharmacist, who made a deadly mistake with a child's prescription, but George managed to stop the prescription going to the patient. This was one of the examples that the angel pointed out, whereby if George had not existed, the prescription would have ( Full Answer )

It's a Wonderful Life Bailey's brother?

In the film It's a Wonderful Life , George Bailey's brother's name was Harry Bailey, played by Todd Karns (adult Harry) and Georgie Nokes (young Harry). I believe Harry was a fighter pilot in the military.

In the movie It's a Wonderful Life what does the bartender say to George and Clarence?

"Hey, look, mister, we serve hard drinks in here for men who want to get drunk fast. And we don't need any characters around to give the joint atmosphere. Is that clear? Do I have to slip you my lip for a convincer?" After George and Clarence are tossed out into the snow, you see Nick the barten ( Full Answer )

What is It's A Wonderful Life rated?

It's A Wonderful Life was released long before there was a movie ratings system. If it were released today, it would most likely be rated G.

Who are the characters in It's a Wonderful Life?

The main characters in It's a Wonderful Life were George Bailey andhis wife Mary. Other important characters were George's mother,brother, and Uncle Billy. There were George and Mary's children -Pete, Janie, Zuzu, and Tommy. And don't forget the evil Mr. Potter,George's nemesis.

Why is there a crow in the bank in It's a Wonderful Life?

It's a raven, and he's Uncle Billy's pet. Really, Frank Capra had used Jimmy the Raven in "You Can't Take It With You" in 1938 and just liked him so much that he tried to find a spot for him in whatever film he could.

What is the climax of It's a Wonderful Life?

The climax of It's a Wonderful Life is when George Bailey realizeshow poorly everyone else's life would have turned out if he hadn'texisted. When he realizes this, he decides that he wants his lifeback because it really is wonderful.

Who is speaking in It's a Wonderful Life?

In the beginning, you hear a conversation between God and the angelClarence, who is the one who comes to Earth to help George see howprecious his life really is.

How old is clarence from It's a Wonderful Life?

If I am not mistaken ( Clarence) is a ghost or angel, thus a spiritual being that does not have bodily aging. He is a mature adult, not a child character, however. I wouldn"t waste my time on such drivel which is essentially ( anti-commercial angle- lead character is a banker) a variation on the Scr ( Full Answer )

What is Clarence in 'It's a Wonderful Life'?

Clarence is an angel who has not earned his wings yet. He is tryingto earn his wings by doing a good deed for George Bailey and makinghim realize how precious his life is.

What city was the the movie It's a Wonderful Life filmed in?

Most scenes are filmed on the backlot of the movie studio. There was a actually a heat wave in California on the time. One scene where this is evident is when George is crying on the bridge. You can see just how much Jimmy Stewart is sweating because he is so hot.

How many Academy Award-winning actors are in the movie It's a Wonderful Life?

When Frank Capra's holiday favorite was released on December 20, 1946, only actors James Stewart (George Bailey), Lionel Barrymore (Mr. Potter) and Thomas Mitchell (Uncle Billy) previously had won Academy Awards. Stewart received the 1940 Best Actor Oscar for his performance opposite Cary Grant and ( Full Answer )