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In the 2000 election, the Florida ballot machines were said to have malfunctioned. A hanging Chad refers to the paper ballot that looks like it was pressed enough to tear but did not punch out completely.

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Q: Who was the hanging Chad in the 2000 election?
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Why is the hanging chad important?

A hanging chad means that the voter's intention is unclear. When the voter's intentions are unclear, the results of the election are always in doubt. It takes away from the authority of the "winner" and it creates resentment and distrust among those who voted for the "loser." In the American election in 2000, the number of hanging chads on the Florida ballots was enough to change the results of the election, so they started a recount. When the Supreme Court voted 5 to 4 to stop the recount, it meant that the President of the United States was in effect chosen by 9 people. Millions of Americans were deprived of a vote. In a recent election at my school, we had 23 votes (15 for, 7 against, and 1 "hanging chad" situation where we didn't know what that person meant). The 15 would have been a 2/3 majority if we hadn't counted the unclear vote in the total. Now everybody's mad and won't work together.

What type of ballot was used in Florida during the 2000 presidential election that led to hanging chads?

The ballots that produced the handing chads were paper tabulating machine cards, commonly called IBM cards or computer cards. The voter was supposed to punch out a perforated tab or chad to make his vote. The chad was supposed to be completely removed to create a clean hole in the card, but some people punched the card, but left the chad hanging. These hanging chads interfered with the machine used to read and tabulate the vote cards.

What does Hangong Chad means?

This assumes you mean "hanging chad." A chad is the little bit of perforated paper that is punched out of a ballot or similar document to indicate the voter's choice. A hanging chad is one that has not been completely punched out - it is "hanging" by one or more perforations.

What is the word obtained after unscrambling the word dahC?

The anagram is Chad, a country in central Africa. It also is a problem in the Florida presidential election (hanging chads).

The famous terms dimpled and hanging chad are associated with interpreting ballots in which election?

Several contested districts in Florida during the 2000 Bush vs. Gore presidential election had irregular ballots with chad problems. Chads are little circles that are easy to pole out with the voting stylus, but some were only partially broken off and left hanging or just dimpled from the pressure. Do to the difficulty in getting these irregular results some think it may have come from people stacking ballots together instead of just voting on one.

What year was the 2000 election in?

The 2000 election was in 2000.

What happened in the 2000 Florida presidential election?

The Democrats disputed the vote count and appealed to state supreme court which ordered a recount. An appeal was made to to the US Supreme Court which ruled against another recount. There were many side angles about election irregularities and decisions over which ballots were spoiled and which were legal. The phrase "hanging chad" was heard for awhile.

What actors and actresses appeared in Hanging On - 2000?

The cast of Hanging On - 2000 includes: Carey Thring

What is a hanging Chad?

a piece of paper that is supposed to be removed after having a whole be punched in it

When was Hanging Up released?

Hanging Up was released on 02/18/2000.

Why was the 2000 election questioned by observers?

The big dispute occurred over the vote count in Florida. The election was very close and the Florida vote was critical. The governor was Bush's brother and the Secretary of State who certified the vote was a Republican, so the Democrats were suspicious. One topic that made the papers were the "hanging chad" ballots. In some places people voted by punching out holes in IBM cards but some cards were not totally punched out and so did not register in the counting machine.

Which state had the most electoral votes in the 2000 presidential election?

George W.Bush,the 2000 republican presidential candidate won the presidential election of 2000.

Which of these men was the deocratic presidential candidate in the 2000 election?

The two men running in the 2000 Presidential Election were George W. Bush and Al Gore. Al Gore was the democratic presidential candidate in the 2000 election. George W. Bush won the election.

What state election results were under question in the 2000 election?


Who lost the presidential election in 2000?

Incumbent vice-president Albert Gore (D) was the loser in the 2000 presidential election.

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What factors led George W Bush to victory in 2000?

Despite George W. Bush being declared the victor in the 2000 presidential election by the Supreme Court, he lost the popular vote to his Democratic opponent, Albert Gore. Bush narrowly won the electoral vote; only the SCOTUS's decision on Florida's 'Hanging Chad' issue that disqualified enough Democratic votes that gave Florida's electoral votes to Bush enabled him to win in the Electoral College.

When did Florida botch the election?


What news events happened in 2000?

2000 presidential election happened.

The 2000 election the closest election in history centered on what state?

Florida the dopey state

When was the 54th presidential election?

If my math is correct, 2000 was the year for the 54 presidential election.

The election of 2000 demonstrated that a poll isn't reliable if what?

if the election is too close to call.

Why did al gore lose the election?

He lost the presidential election of 2000 because he did not have enough electoral votes to win the election.

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