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Who was the inspiration for the face of the Statue of Liberty?

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Bartholdi wrote, " I will try to glorify the Republic and Liberty over there, in the hope that someday I will find it again here." This was in reference to his only country that had been annexed by the Germans during the Franco-Prussian War. He was asked to go to America by Laboulaye and build a statue in remembrance of the longstanding friendship between France and America.

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What it the face of the Statue of Liberty made after?

The face of the Statue of Liberty is said to have been modeled after the sculptor's mother's face.

What threats will the statue of liberty might face?

what threats does the statue of liberty have

Who face is on the statue of liberty?

Lady Liberty

Is the statue of liberty a girl?

yes, the face of the statue is the artist's mother's face

Who did the Statue of Liberty's face come from?

It is said that the face of statue of liberty is of the mother of sculpture.

What has face but no eyes?

the statue of liberty

Was face changed on Statue of Liberty?


What does the statue of liberty look like in close up on her face?

statue of liberly

Is staue of liberty a male or female?

The statue of liberty is a male. You can tell by the face.

Why does the Statue of Liberty have a black face?

Liberty Enlightening the World (the actual name of the "Statue of Liberty") does not have a black face, she has a green face.She doesn't have "black" features either. She's modeled at least partially after the sculptor's mother, who was not black.

Why does the Statue of Liberty face the ocean?

The statue of liberty does not actually face the ocean. It faces the direction of the bridge so that there is a symbolic meaning of welcoming new arrivals to America.

The Statue of Liberty's face was said to be modeled after the sculptors what?

The statue of liberty was modeled after Athena

Why does the face and clothing of the Statue of Liberty look Greek?

ThE statue of liberty came from the french so it could be just the european culture

Why does the Statue of Liberty face south east?

why are you asking, does it matter

Was the original statue of liberty a black woman's face?


Does the statue of liberty face any problems?

yes, corrosion

Is the Statue of Liberty lucifer?

Its said the face is the sculptor's mother and the whole statue is made out of copper.

Why does the Statue of Liberty face east?

because the immigrants came from the east to New York, so the statue of liberty was facing towards the newcomers.

What landmark stands on Liberty island?

The Statue of Libertythe statue of libertyThe statue of Liberty

Who Did Frederic Auguste Bartholdi sculp the face of?

The face of the Statue of Liberty was modeled after Bartholdi's mother.

Who really is in the face of the Statue of Liberty?

The face was modeled after Charlotte Beyssar Bartholdi, the artists mother.

Who is is face is that on the statue of liberty what is her name?

That is the face of Charlotte Beysser Bartholdi, the French sculptor's mother.

Why is the Statue of Liberty called the Statue of Liberty?

the statue of liberty is a statue and liberty means freedom so you could call it statue of freedom. it represents the USA freedom and that why it call the statue of liberty.

Who is on the silver dollar dated 1889?

It is a stylized portrait of Miss Liberty. Compare to the face of the Statue of Liberty.

What was the Statue of Liberty modeled after?

The designer of the Statue of Liberty, French sculptor Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi, used his wife as the model for the body and his mother as the model for the face.