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The first "indoor" Plumbing credit goes to the Romans, how ever primitive it may have been. They first invented the aqueducts that carried water from the mountains and hills surrounding Rome, and were famous for the "Roman Baths".

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Q: Who was the inventor of indoor plumbing?
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Did they have indoor plumbing in the 1940's?

I was born Mar 31. 1929. In a small town in IL. We always had indoor plumbing. The Aztec's had indoor plumbing.

When did indoor plumbing come available?

The ancient Egyptians had flush toilets. The ancient Romans had indoor plumbing.

Why did the harappan civilization have bathrooms and indoor plumbing?

Probably for the same reasons we have bathrooms and indoor plumbing.

What feature made mohenjo- ahead of its time?

It’s indoor plumbing

When did America have indoor plumbing?

The very first instance of indoor plumbing in the United States was in 1829. Isaiah Rogers built the innovative Tremont Hotel, the first building to have indoor plumbing.

When did people start using indoor plumbing for bathing?

About 2,000 years ago the Romans started using indoor plumbing.

IngWho was the first American to have indoor plumbing?

Poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was the very first American to have indoor plumbing! :)

How can waste be managed?

Indoor plumbing?

Did they have indoor plumbing in the 1940s?


What are household facilities?

Indoor plumbing.

Did the Egyptians have indoor plumbing?

yes they have it

What is the history of indoor plumbing?

Check out ancient Rome or Greek plumbing history

Was indoor plumbing used in world war 2?

Yes they had indoor plumbing in World War 2. Some farmers did not have it but nearly everyone in the cities in the US, US and Europe and Some Asian places had indoor plumbing. You asked the right person. My grandfather had a hardware store and plumbing business way back then.

What is indoor plumbing?

Indoor plumbing includes tap fitting, bathroom plumbing, kitchen plumbing that is plumbing for drinking, washing, cooking and flushing for toilets.indoor plumbing is not so much tough compared to outdoor plumbing.but both have a mutual connection.We EverlastPlumbing are a proffessional Plumbing company at Sydney. If u need more details about plumbing visit our Website

What countries still do not have indoor plumbing?

I belive that some parts of India still dont have indoor plumbing but, check smoe other sources too!!

Who had the first indoor plumbing?

The ancient Greeks did.

Was indoor plumbing invented on purpose?


Was indoor plumbing forgotten in the dark ages?


What percentage of India has indoor plumbing?


Who brought indoor plumbing to America?

The first indoor bathtub was introduced in 1870. It was in Seattle, Washington. John Michael Kohler later made the first tub specifically for indoor bathing in 1883. He did this by applying enamel to a horse through. His company later started making indoor toilets, sinks, and other plumbing. Kohler is still a popular name in indoor plumbing to this day.

Was their plumbing in 1890?

Greece had indoor plumbing as far back as 300 BC as did Roman empire

If guide dogs use indoor plumbing how do they train large breeds to do so?

Guide dogs don't use indoor plumbing. They are taught to do their business on command at the curb.

When was indoor plumbing first used in homes?

The first signs of plumbing date back as far as 8000 B.C. in Scotland where evidence has been found of indoor plumbing pipes or troughs that carried water and wastes out to a nearby creek.

Where was indoor plumbing first found?

Ancient Rome.

What did the Romans accomplish?

They have been credited with indoor plumbing

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