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No, there was no real inventor for popcorn. It was found out by the Native Americans and Aztecs.

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What are the types of old-fashioned popcorn makers still being made?

There are many different types of old-fashinoned popcorn makers still being made today. Some examples of these popcorn makers include Maxi-Matic and Nostalgia Electrics.

Who was the inventor of microwave popcorn?

Betsey watson

Where can one purchase a Cuisinart popcorn popper?

Cuisinart popcorn makers can be purchased from many companies on the internet. A few of the companies that sell Cuisinart popcorn makers include Amazon, eBay, and Best Buy.

Do popcorn makers make better tasting popcorn than the microwavable kind?

It depends on which person is being asked the question. Everyone has different tastes but usually popcorn makers would make better tasting popcorn than the microwavable kind.

What are the different types of popcorn makers?

There are several different ways to make popcorn. First, you can use a skillet with some oil. There is also an air popper that can simply be plugged into the wall. The last option for popcorn makers is a giant commercial carnival sized popcorn maker.

Do popcorn machines have build in butter makers?

Popcorn machines do not have built in butter makers. Butter must be melted on the stove and added to the popcorn machines bin. The best butter to use is a dairy product that can be purchased at any grocery.

Where can one purchase popcorn makers?

Popcorn makers are extremely popular these days. Finding one for purchase should be very easy and simple. Walmart and Target carries them on a daily basis.

Where can one purchase a commercial popcorn machine?

Nordstrom sells commercial popcorn makers in their store, as well as on their website. Online sites such as Amazon or Overstock also carry them. The warehouse store, Sam's Club, also sells the commercial popcorn makers.

Why does purchased carmel corn popcorn look bigger than regular popcorn?

Makers of caramel popcorn use a specific variety of popcorn. It's less likely to have extensions that break off.

Who was the inventor of popcorn?

Perry L. Doofenshmurfs Watch Phineas and Ferb

How much do popcorn makers cost?

Popcorn makers vary in price depending on the size, brand and style. They can be purchased online, with small models starting around $45 and larger models ranging $75 and up.

Which online retailers sell commercial popcorn makers?

Some of the online retailers that sell commercial popcorn makers are Best Buy, and Amazon. Those are two very popular sites that would sell that kind of stuff.

Where can one purchase an old fashioned popcorn machine?

There are many companies and websites that offer old fashioned popcorn makers. The best companies to get the popcorn machines from are Walmart, OfficMax and Amazon.

Where to buy hello kitty coffee makers?

Hello Kitty coffee makers can be found on the webstite Not only can you buy coffee makers, popcorn makers, water dispensers, toasters, waffle makers and so much more are available too!

Where can one find user reviews on Presto popcorn makers?

One can find user reviews on Presto popcorn makers through Amazon, Target's website, Walmart, or the website Consumersearch. Viewpoints also lists some reviews for this product.

Is there popcorn makers under $100?

There are popcorn makers for under $100, but you have to be careful which ones you buy. With any popcorn maker, you'll want to make sure that there is a cover to avoid you from being burnt by flying kernels when they pop. You'll also want to consider getting a cool-touch model so you do not burn your hands.

Who are the main manufactuers of popcorn poper makers?

Some of the main manufacturers of popcorn popper makers are Hirol Machinery Co. Ltd. in China, Home Depots DN Bhd. in Malaysia, World Tech Co. Ltd. in Korea and many more.

How to Select a Great Popcorn Maker?

Popcorn is a healthy snack that can be enjoyed everyday. The problem is that most people eat microwave popcorn, which lacks the taste and quality of freshly popped popcorn. The best way to enjoy popcorn is to purchase a popcorn maker so that you can make fresh popcorn from the comfort of your own home. Popcorn makers are easy to find and easy to use, and below we provide some tips on how to select a good one: • When shopping for a popcorn maker, there are a few styles to consider. Some popcorn makers go on the stove or in a fire, while others plug in to the wall. Popcorn makers that plug in to the wall are a little more convenient, but the best ones are those that cook over flames. Also, if you’re not yet ready to buy a popcorn maker that cooks over flames, there are disposable ones that can be bought for a relatively cheap price. • Whatever kind of popcorn popper you get, you’ll need to follow some basic popcorn popping techniques. You’ll need some kind of oil to help speed the heating process and prevent the popcorn from burning, as well as giving the popcorn some extra flavor and helping keep the popcorn maker clean. Plug-in popcorn makers won’t really need too much oil because they cook the popcorn mostly with hot air. For popcorn makers you use over a flame, you’ll definitely need oil, at least enough to cover the unpopped kernels. Once you’ve popped the popcorn in your popcorn maker, you’ll want to season it. A little salt can go a long way, as well as butter and any other toppings you choose to use. Some good toppings to try are seasoning salt, sugar, garlic, powdered cheese, paprika and cinnamon.

Who developed the piano?

Bartolomeo Cristofori The inventor.. He is said to be joining harpischord makers in their time. It was about 1720s..

Is the inventor of Orville redenbacher's still alive?

Orville Clarence Redenbacher, the inventor of the brand of popcorn that carries his name, was born in 1907. He died in 1995 when he was 88 years old.

Which air popcorn makers make the best tasting popcorn?

The air popcorn maker that make the best tasting popcorn is the 'Presto PopLite Hot Air Corn Popper' according to most of the reviews online, most reviewers say that it makes popcorn with the perfect crunchiness with very little non popped kernels and none burnt.

Who created first popcorn machine?

Charles Cretors is accredited as the inventor of the first commercial popcorn machine. He first received United States Patent 506,207 on October 10, 1893 for improvements on peanut-roasters or corn-popper.

How do you clean popcorn makers?

Cleaning a popcorn maker is a breeze. First, you turn everything off and let it cool. Then, you simply take the internal pieces and panels that come in contact with the popcorn and oils and you rinse them with warm soapy water. All that's left is to reassemble the dry parts and make more corn!

When did the Boy Scouts national popcorn sales program begin?

The Weaver Popcorn Company (makers of Pop Weaver popcorn) started working with Packs and Troops in Buffalo Trace Indiana in 1979. The idea for councils to sell popcorn spread from there. The Weaver Popcorn Co. began selling their popcorn to the public in tins with the BSA logo until they were asked to stop by BSA national on the grounds that they did not officially sanction the product. Weaver responded by creating a brand that could be marketed exclusively by scouts, Trails End.

Knock knock popcorn popcorn who?

Knock knock. Who's there? Popcorn. Popcorn who? Popcorn and movie time.

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