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Who was the leader of Bulgaria during ww1?

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The leader of Bulgaria during World War 1 was Tsar Ferdinand I. Formerly Bulgaria's prince regnant, he took the title of Tsar in 1908.

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Alexander I was the leader from 1879 to 1886. Ferdinand I was the leader of Bulgaria from 1887 to 2928. There is no record of who the leader was in Bulgaria from 1422 to 1878.

There was no single leader during WW1. Each country had their own leader.

Basically, it is worship of a country's leader ...esp in Japan during WW1 and before. Basically, it is worship of a country's leader ...esp in Japan during WW1 and before.

David Lloyd George was the leader of Brittain during ww1

Georges Benjamin Clemenceau

at the end: Vittorio Orlando

There was no food administration in WW1. It has been created in recent history.

Hitler did not conquer any countries during WW1, as he was not the leader of Germany then and was just fighting in the German army.

Because Bulgaria allied with Germany

There were many different commanders in Europe during WWI, as each country had their own. The leader of the UK during WWI was first Herbert Asquith and then David Lloyd George. The leader of France during WWI was Georges Clemenceau. The leader of Italy during WWI was first Antonio Salandra and then Vittorio Orlando. The leader of Serbia during WWI was King Peter I. The leader of Russia during WWI was Czar Nicholas II. The leader of Germany during WWI was Kaiser Wilhelm II. The leader of Austria-Hungary during WWI was first Franz Joseph I and then Karl I. The leader of the Ottoman Empire during WWI was Mehmed V. The leader of Bulgaria during WWI was Czar Ferdinand I.

There were no Fascist leaders in WW1. Fascism came about after WW1. Italy was governed by King Vittorio Emanueleduring WW1

Kaiser Wilhelm the Third was the leader of Germany during WW1

Antonia Solandra was a leader in Italy during world war I. Antonia Solandra was a leader in Italy during world war I.

Ferdinand Maximilian Karl Leopold Maria of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, was the ruler of Bulgaria till 1918.

The leader of the Government: Vassil Radev engaged Bulgaria to join the World War I

Franz Joseph I and his successor Karl I were the emperors of the Austro-Hungarian Empire during WWI.

Woodrow Wilson was nick named Black Jack during World War 1

The Kaiser was the leader of Germany during WW1 (it means leader the same as Caesar and Czar), but he wasn't much of a participant.

Germany, Bulgaria and Turkey were Austria Hungary's allies during WW1.GermanyGermany was one.

US, UK, France, Russia ,Italy v. Germany, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria.

The most powerful leader in Russia during World War I was Nicholas II. In addition, Nicholas Nikolaevich and Aleksei Brusilov were leaders during WW1.

Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria.

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece, Romania, Kosovo, Turkey. If you meant during WW1, there was just Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and Austrian-Hungarian Empire

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