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Who was the leader of United States in world war 1?


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Woodrow Wilson was the President at the time. John J. Pershing was the Supreme Allied Commander in the war.

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The United States leader for war conservation in World War 1 was President Herbert Hoover. When the United States entered into the war in 1917, Hoover wanted to conserved supplies and resources needed to feed America and for the war.

There was no one "world leader", but the two main competing nations were the United States and the Soviet Union.

The leader for England during World War 1 was King George V. The leader of the United States was President Woodrow Wilson.

Joseph Stalin was the leader of the Soviet Union when the United States entered World War 2.

Joseph Stalin was the leader of the Soviet Union after World War II. While allies of Britain and the United States during the war, this was mainly because all considered Hitler to be their enemy. Directly, after the war, Britain and the United States ended their relationship with Stalin.

The united nations was created after world war 2

because of us participation and victory in wwii, after the war the us emerged as a superpower and world leader.

the united states took on a new position as a world leader

The United States took on a new position as a world wide leader

In 1914 the United States entered the war.

Franklin Roosevelt was president of the United States for most of World War II, after he died in 1945 Harry Truman became President.

No states were added to the United States during the World War One.

The United States declared war on Germany in World War I on April 6, 1917.United states of America did not declare the war against Germany in World War II. The Germans declared war on the United States in late 1941 (following the Pearl Harbor attacks).

The United States got involved in World war 1 on April 2, 1917

the United States the United States

The United States was on the Allies side.

World War I Victory Medal - United States - was created in 1919.

United States Navy operations during World War I happened in 1917.

United States Submarine Operations in World War II was created in 1949.

The United States entered World War 2 after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in December of 1941. Shortly after this, Germany declared war upon the United States. The United States was forced to go to war.

United States joined World War 2 in 1941 after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Seeing as Pennsylvania is part of the United States and the United States fought for the Allies in World War I, yes.

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