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Q: Who was the leader of the Free French government in World War 2?
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Where was the free french government in world war 2?

Charles de Gaulle was the leader of the Free French government in WWII. Like many of the other western European countries with "governments-in-exile", the members of the Free French government lived in England for the duration.

Leader of the french government in exile and the free french?

Charles de Gaulle.

Who was the leader of the French Resistance against Germans in World War 2?

The leader of the Free French was Général Charles de Gaulle.

Who was the leader of the free French During world war 2?

Charles De GaulleThe acknowledged leader of the Free French was Charles de Gaulle. He later became President of France,

Leader of the Free French forces during World War 2?

Charles de Gaulle .

Was there a free french government presence in America in World War 2?

No. The Free France movement worked out of London.

Who was the Commander of French forces in World War 2?

The leader of the 'Free French' in WW2 was Charles de Gaulle. He went on to become President of France.

Charles what was the free french leader?

de Gaulle

Who was the head of the free french government in exile during World War 2?

Charles de Gaulle

What does Free French mean?

The Free French Forces (Forces Françaises Libres in French) were French fighters in World War II, who decided to continue fighting against Axis forces after the surrender of France and German occupation, following the call of General De Gaulle, and the de jure government ('Free French Government') of France in exile as of June 18, 1940.

Who was the leader of the Free French who escaped to England?

Philipe Petain

What French leader escaped to Great Britain and organized the Free French forces?

The general Charles de Gaulle organized the Free French forces from Britain.

Who established a free french government?

Charles Gaulle.

Who is a laissez faire leader?

A laissez-faire leader is a leader who advocates free market economics with as little government intervention as possible.

Who stared the free french movent in Britain during world war 1?

The was no Free French Movement in World War I.General Charles de Gaulle started the Free French Movement in World War II.

What is the homophone for liter?

The homophone for liter is leader.The leader of the free world is President O'Bama.

Who was the french head of state during World War 2?

Hmmm, that does deserve a reply. The trouble is that there were several, due to the establishment of the Vichy government & there were some political figures in Exile, such as de Gaulle and others. Marshal Petain was at one time head of the Vichy regime. de Gaulle was leader of the Free French.

Who ruled France during world war 2?

Philippe Petain was in charge of Vichy France, while Charles de Gaulle was the leader of the Free French.

Leader of the free french forces during ww2?

Pete Schwartz and his assistant Mikey

Who started the free french movement in Britain during World War 2?

The leader of the Free French was General Charles de Gaulle. He went on to be President of France. Despite the efforts of the British to defeat the Germans in the war he was anti British. Vive la difference !

Who was the French leader in World War 2?

The leader in France from 1940-44 was, nominally at least, Marshal Pétain, who was later convicted of treason.There was a rival Free French government headed by Charles de Gaulle.Paul ReynaudCharles GaulleWhen France was invaded by Germany, a pro-german government was set up by the Germans. This government was called the Vichy Government and was led by Marshall Phillipe Petain, a collabrolator with Germany. However, many French hated being subjected to the Germans and Petain's rule and secretly followed the Free French Ruler Charles Degaulle, who was leading the Free French Forces against the Germans. Upon the liberation of France by the Allies after D-Day, DeGaulle became the prime minister and Petain fled to Germany.The leader of France during World War two was Edouard Daladier.Answer Edouard Daladier Answer Charles de Gaulle Answer When Germany attacked west,the Prime Minister was Paul Reynaud,Defence Minister Edourd Deladier and Gen. Maurice Gamelin, Commander-in Chief. after the fall of France the W.W.1 hero Henri P. Petain made an armistice that allowed him to govern southern France from Vichy,his deputy was Pierre Laval. Petain was tried and convicted of treason in 1945,but President De Gaulle reprieved him and he was given a life sentence. Answer After France itself was occupied by Germany, the French set up a pro-Nazi puppet regime in the south of France led by Marshal Petain. The Free French forces ruling some of the French colonies and forces in Britain were headed by General De Gaulle. Answer Of the free French forces: De Gaulle Of Vichy France: Henri-Philippe Petain Answer The leader of German-occupied France (or "Vichy France," so named because the government was based in Vichy instead of Paris) from 1940-1944 was Marshal Philippe Petain. It's important to note that this is the France that was conquered by Germany. It was not a free country with leaders elected by the French people. Paul Reynaud was the prime minister of France before the invasion in 1940. The leader of free French forces (numbering no more than a few hundred thousand, mostly gathered from French colonies) during the war was General Charles De Gaulle. After France was liberated in 1944 de Gaulle became the leader of the new government.

Who formed the free french government from his exile in Britain?

Charles de Gaulle.

Government should give merchants a free hand to produce and sell their goods openly in the world market the french phrase for leave alone?


What was the name of the French government during World War 2?

They were two French governments during WWII: - The Vichy French under the leadership of Marshall Petain who surrendered to Nazi Germany. - The Free French under the leadership of General De Gaulle in exile in the U.K.

What political challenges does France face today?

not as many today, now that they elected a new and better leader that says he wants to get along with the free world, you see some of the french are starting to wake up and see that socalism and socalized programs aren't working for them(them being the one that actually work so the lazy underclass can get free health care and free government hand outs).