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Royal Jordanian Land Force was created in 1920-10.

The Band of the Royal Air Force College was created in 1920.

Central Band of the Royal Air Force was created in 1920.

The Canadian government in 1920.

April 1 1924 __ The RCAF actually have it's roots in the formation of the CAF in 1920. The original Canadian Air Force was created February 18, 1920 by an Order-in-Council. April 1924 was the official date when the Royal designation was given. However, the Air Force was fully active prior to this.

Such a coin does not exist. All British Pennies have been minted at the Royal Mint since 1920.

Royal Corps of Signals was created in 1920.

The Franco-British Rhine - 1920 was released on: USA: 11 April 1920

George V was monarch in 1920.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police was created in 1920.

His Royal Slyness - 1920 was released on: USA: 8 February 1920 France: 30 March 1923 Czech Republic: 14 May 2008 (DVD premiere)

If you refer to the 1920 British Shilling, it is not rare.

The RCMP, also known as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, are the national and federal police force of Canada. They were founded on December 1, 1920 and have a force of about 28,640 officers. They are also known as Mounties.

list british prime ministers in date order since 1920

One Pound GBP in 1920 had the purchasing power of about £26.75 GBP today.

Kenya was a British Protectorate from 1895-1920 (25 years) and a colony from 1920-1963 (43 years)

British Socialist Party ended in 1920.

British Industries Fair was created in 1920.

British Humane Association was created in 1920.

Ecuadorian Air Force was created in 1920.

Canadian Expeditionary Force ended in 1920.

There is no silver in any British general circulation coin from 1947 onwards. Prior to 1919/1920, the silver content of British "silver" general circulation coins was 92.5% (sterling silver). From 1919/1920 to 1946, the silver content of British "silver" general circulation coins was reduced to 50%. The Royal Mint produces a large variety of non-circulating coins, many of which contain silver, but this is reflected in the price you pay for them.

In 1919-1920 the main leader of Poland was Józef Piłsudski. Another political leader was Roman Dmowski.

Israel didn't exist in 1920. That area was called Palestine and was ruled by the British.

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