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Q: Who was the leaders of north and south from monitor vs micmac?
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Was the Monitor the North or the South?


Leaders of Gettysburg?

Meade for the North and Lee for the South

The North lost some skilled to the South?

Military Leaders

Who were the leaders of the North and South Armies?

North: General Ulysses S. Grant South: General Robert E. Lee

What was the name of the second ironclad named?

There were 2 ironclads, the Merrimac of the South and the Monitor of the North.

What were the to ironclad ships in the civil war?

The Merrimac(the south's ship) and the Monitor(the North's ship)

Who were the leaders of north and south at the end of the civil war?

Martin Luteren King

Who are the leaders of north Korea and south Korea?

North Korea _ Kim Jong-il 김종일 South Korea _ Lee Myung-bak 이명박

Name the two famous Ironclad warships of the civil war?

The South's Merrimac and the North's Monitor

Who were the leaders of the south and north during the civil war?

Abraham Lincoln was President of the United States (North) Jefferson Davis was President of the Confederate States (South)

Who was the leaders in the battle of Gettysburg?

The leaders of the Battle of Gettysburg was lee and his second in command Longstreet for the South and Meade, Reynolds, Chamberlain for the north.

What were the views of the Northern and Southern leaders before the start of the Civil War?

The leaders of the North and South believed the war would be brief.