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Who was the main enemy of the US during the cold war?


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The main enemy of the US was the Soviet Union (the USSR or Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).

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Germany was Britain's main enemy.

It was the Russians who wanted to start a war

National Security; the enemy has ears.

Caesar's main enemy during the Roman Civil war of 49 to 45 BC was Pompey.

Cold War means NO FIGHTING. There was no war during the cold war, with the exceptions of the two "HOT BATTLES" of the cold war, the Korean War and Vietnam War. Actual war between the the USSR & the US never happened.

The blackout is where the people 'blacked out' their windows during the war so that the enemy flying in aeroplanes could not see where the main cities were.

Russia was the main enemy of the United States during the Cold War. While the Cold War has been over for more than twenty years now, some people are still used to thinking of the Russians as being bad guys.

Russia was the US's main enemy after WW2

The Cold War involved the entire world; every country was an actual or potential enemy or friend of either the US or the USSR.

Avoiding nuclear war. (Avoiding MAD...Mutually Assured Destruction).

No, not since the cold war ended

The main cause was the suspicion between the democratic West and the communist Soviet Union. Despite being allies during the second world war, after the war the Soviets slammed down the Iron Curtain - so began the cold war.

The President of the U.S. during The Cold War was Truman.

The CIA was important in the Cold War because they helped prevent the spread of communism. That was the main goal of the CIA during that time. It has changed since then and now the main goal is to contain terrorism.

There were many casualties of the Cold War. The main casualties were political deaths in China during the "Great Leap Forward". Americans, Russians, Koreans, Vietnamese were also victims among others.

Some called this war "The Hot Battle of the Cold War". It was during the cold war era but not at all cold.

they were afraid we would become communist like the Russians

The main countries in the cold war were: Ameriaca And Russia They were fighting against each other!

The soviet espionage during the cold war was managed by the KGB.

the main concern was the threat of nuclear attacks and trying to stop the growth of communist countries.

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