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Q: Who was the men that got Rosa parks in jail?
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What was Rosa parks religious beliefs?

one of rosa parks beliefs was so men was treated equal!!

How did Rosa Parks influence the future of America?

She Didnt Wanted To Give Up Her Seat Too This White Men And She Went Too Jail For Datt

What is Rosa parks' belief?

her belief was so that men were treated equal

What did segregation do?

What segregation did was to separate black and white people and that mostly happened in the bus a perfect example is Rosa Parks. What happened was that Rosa would not give her seat to a white men and just for that she got arrested.

How did Rosa Parks make a movement?

standing up for black men and women

What did Rosa Parks believe?

Ms. Parks believed The Bible based constitutional statement that all men are created equal and she believed that all men should be treated as such.

What did Rosa parks believe in?

Ms. Parks believed the bible based constitutional statement that all men are created equal and she believed that all men should be treated as such.

What was some of Rosa parks youth and early achiement?

Rosa Parks was, and still is an insparational woman. She influenced the motion for Civil Rights, so all men and women could be truly free. :) The most famous movement was when she refused to give up her seat to a white man. Because of the unjust law, she was thrown into jail and that sparked the bus boycott.

What did Rosa Parks do for the future?

Rosa Parks helped to prove that not only women have rights, but African-American men and women have rights, too. This helped the future because it helped people to see that segragation is not right. Hope this helps!

Why did Rosa parks play cricket and rugby?

she played because she wanted to show people black women can do anything white men can do

What did Rosa Parks do to make the white men say something to her on the bus?

On those days, blacks had to leave the seats on buses for a white person. She refused to that.

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Most jails have a website that can be accessed to find out if an inmate has been processed in or out and what their status is.

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