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In my opinion it was Patrick Henry. His stirring speeches roused up the nation for independence and liberty.

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Q: Who was the most influential founding father in creating the US?
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Who were the foudning fathers of America?

John Adams was one of the most influential founding fathers. George Washington, a founding father was one of the most unhappy at being involved, at all. He was most unhappy that a large part of the people wanted him to be king of America. Washington, appalled at the idea, pushed the name and position, "President", and of course, that turned out to be what was used. Jefferson, Franklin, Lee and others were very involved from the Declaration of Independence on. James Madison and his wife, Abby, were influential founding fathers (and mothers). Jlexander Hamilton, a great supporter of Washington, who later became Washington's vice president was a very influential and brilliant founding father.

Who was the only US Founding Father to die a violent death?

Alexander Hamilton, who was shot and killed in a duel.

Were most influential founding fathers in the states rights or strong central government camp?

Alexander Hamilton

Why was James Madison a good president?

Whether or not he was a good president is debatable. But he was a founding father, and helped draft the bill of rights. That alone probably makes him one of the most influential people in American history.

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Benjamin Franklin was most remembered for being a founding father and signing the Declaration of Independence.

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Which founding father was most important to the constitution?

Alexander Hamilton Stuck out the most because he had the most impact on it when it come to the federalist papers being he wrote the most essays.

Who was the most handsome of the founding fathers?

Well, it depends on what you consider handsome, and just who you consider a founding father. If I had to hazard a guess, though, I'd guess that it was Alexander Hamilton, but its just a guess.

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