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I don't think that he existed. Most of the information I've seen shows that
19 people were the recipents two Congressional Medals of Honor. The
first was the brother of General George Armstrong Custer, who is best
known for his failure in the Indian Wars, 2nd Lieutenant Thomas Custer
won both in the Civil War. Six double recipeints were Navy, seven were
Marines and four were Army.

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Q: Who was the only soldier in World War 2 to win two Congressional Medals of Honor?
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How many Congressional Medals of Honor were awarded in World War I and World War 2 and Vietnam?

World War 1: 124 awardedWorld War 2: 464 awardedVietnam: 246 awardedBringing a total of 834 medals awarded.

The number of medals of honor were given out in World War 1?

96 US Medals of Honor were awarded for WWI service.

What war did Alvin york win the congressional medal of honor?

World war 1

What was the highest honor in World War 2?

For the United States military, typically the highest medal for valor is the Congressional Medal of Honor.

How many congressional medals of honor were awarded in world war 2?

432 Medals of Honor were awarded in WWII, but long after the end of the war, a group of 10 or so black WWII soldiers (some posthumously) were added to that number. They were given lesser awards because during the war the US Army was segregated, and as a result, no black Americans were awarded the MOH.

How many medals of honor were produced in World War 2?

Did you mean: How many Medals of Honor were awarded in WWII? If so, it was around 432, plus about a dozen more since then for WWII.

How many Medals of Honor were awarded in World War 2?

432 Medals of Honor were awarded in WWII, although at least a dozen more since then have been added. By ethnic background

How many medal of honor winners were there in World War 2?

There were somewhere between 432-450 Medals of Honor awarded for WWII.

Who was the first person of hispanic heritage to receive the congressional medal of honor during World War I?

the jezebel

What soldier received the first American medal of honor in World War 1?


What acts made Nathan g Gordon a hero?

he was awarded the congressional medal of honor for a daring rescue of 15 officers while being fred upon in the world war 2. he was also awarded 6 air medals and 2 distinguished flying crosses.

Did Pennsylvania have any recipients of the Medal of Honor for World War 2?

Yes, the list of Congressional Medal of Honor recipients is long so I have attached a list for you on the related link below.

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