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Who was the painter..artist portrayed by Robert young in Northwest Passage?

Langdon Towne.

Who was the painterartist portrayed by Robert young in Northwest Passage?

Langdon Towne.

Who discovered northwest passage?

Robert McClure mapped the northwest passage. it was Roald Amundsen that first successfully traveled through the passage by ship in 1902.

Which explorers looked for the northwest passage?

There were many explorers searching for the Northwest Passage, beginning with John Cabot in 1497. Sir Robert McClure would not discover the actual Northwest Passage until 1851.England, France, and the Netherlands hoped to discover a northwest passage.

Why did Robert Scott do the north west passgage?

There is no record that Captain Robert Falcon Scott ever 'did' the Northwest Passage.

When was Robert Zimmermann - painter - born?

Robert Zimmermann - painter - was born in 1815.

When did Robert Zimmermann - painter - die?

Robert Zimmermann - painter - died in 1864.

When did Robert Carver - painter - die?

Robert Carver - painter - died in 1791.

When was Robert Carver - painter - born?

Robert Carver - painter - was born in 1730.

When was Robert Barker - painter - born?

Robert Barker - painter - was born in 1739.

When did Robert Barker - painter - die?

Robert Barker - painter - died in 1806.

When was Robert Smirke - painter - born?

Robert Smirke - painter - was born in 1752.

When did Robert Smirke - painter - die?

Robert Smirke - painter - died in 1845.

When did Robert Hunter - painter - die?

Robert Hunter - painter - died in 1780.

When did Robert Paul - painter - die?

Robert Paul - painter - died in 1979.

When was Robert Paul - painter - born?

Robert Paul - painter - was born in 1906.

When was Robert Bateman - painter - born?

Robert Bateman - painter - was born on 1930-05-24.

When was Robert E. Wood - painter - born?

Robert E. Wood - painter - was born in 1971.

What movies did Robert Williams play in?

None. Robert Williams is a painter.

What happened during 1847-1922?

Robert McGregor lived from 1847 to 1922. He was a Scottish landscape painter, genre painter, portrait painter and marine painter.

Who is Bella and edward on twighlight?

Bella Swan was portrayed by Kristen Stewart and Edward Cullen was portrayed by Robert Pattinson.

What has the author ROBERT BEEVERS written?


When was Robert Hamilton - Northwest Territories politician - born?

Robert Hamilton - Northwest Territories politician - was born in 1842.

When did Robert Hamilton - Northwest Territories politician - die?

Robert Hamilton - Northwest Territories politician - died in 1911.

Who portrayed Hannay in Hitchcock's 39 Steps?

Robert Donat