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Who was the person responsible for the reconstruction of japan?

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General George Marshal

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Who was the person responsible for the reconstruction of Europe?

General George Marshall (marshall plan)

Who is the Minister in Charge of Reconstruction for Japan?

Takumi Nemoto is the Minister in Charge of Reconstruction for Japan.

Japan after atomic bomb?


The Meiji Restoration in Japan was responsible for all the following except?

For a person to know which of the following the Restoration in Japan is not responsible for they will need to l know the answer choices. Without this information the right answer can not be give.

How did the allies dealt with japan after world war 2?


Which is correct You will be a or an responsible person?

you will be A Responsible person

Who did President Lincoln think should be responsible for Reconstruction?

President Lincoln actually thought he should be responsible for reconstruction. President Lincoln did this because people left the union so the president could pardon them back in.

Was Japan responsible for the dropping of the atomic bomb?

The US was responsible for this action. Japan was responsible in that they had attacked the US Fleet at Pearl Harbor and had failed to heed the call for them to surrender.

Did the Wade-Davis Bill of 1864 propose that the president be responsible for reconstruction?


Who is responsible for the education in japan?

the emperor

What is the name of the person who stopped slavery in Portugal?

It was Marquês de Pombal, in February 12, 1761, the same man responsible for the reconstruction of Lisbon after the 1755 earthquake. King José I was in charge.

Who was the military leader in Japan during the reconstruction period?

US GEN Douglas MacArthur.

What long term effects did the US reconstruction of Japan have on the nation?

High standard of living.

What group is responsible for the modernization of Japan?


Who was responsible for the bombing at Pearl Harbor?


Who was responsible for the bombing of Pearl Harbor?


What was responsible for the economic miracle in Japan?

their culture

Who was responsible for the attack of pearle harbor?


Who was responsible for the internet?

i think the united states of America was but when i reaserch it it says japan but its not japan!

Why was Japan responsible for the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Because Japan planned and carried out the attack.

Is the company responsible when employee is assaulted on the job?

No, the company is not responsible when a person is assaulted on the job. The person who assaulted them is responsible.

What were the costs to the US of reconstruction of Japan after World War 2?

One (1) trilion $USD

What amount exactly was issue to japan for reconstruction after World War 2?

$5 billion in 1945

Who were the men that was responsible for the bombing that were members of the racist group called?

The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) were responsible for the bombing of the Americans in the South during the Reconstruction Era.

What country was Responsible for bombing Pearl Harbor?