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Q: Who was the president at the time of the prohibition?
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Related questions

Can you elect and replace a president during war time?

There is no prohibition in the United States against electing a president when the country is at war.

Did the president support the prohibition?

President Roosevelt's platform included a plank calling for the repeal of Prohibition.

What president kept alcohol during prohibition?

President Herbert Hoover visited the Belgian Embassy to drink alcohol during prohibition because it was legally Not U.S. soil and prohibition was not in effect there.

Who was President during Prohibition?


Who was the president when the prohibition ended?


What president started prohibition?


What president repealed Prohibition?


What was illegal during the time of prohibition?

Liquor was illegal during the time of prohibition.

Who was president Lincoln fighting against for presidency?

i don't really know, but i know he was fighting slavery and prohibition during that time.

Who was the president when prohibition was repealed?

F.D. Roosevelt

Why can't a female become president?

There is no legal prohibition to a woman becoming president.

What US President began Prohibition?

Herbert Hoover

Who was the president of America when prohibition started?

Woodrow Wilson

Which president was most responsible for prohibition?

Herbert Hoover

Americans views on prohibition?

The views of Americans about National Prohibition changed over time from generally favorable to generally negative. By the time of repeal, about 75% of voters opposed Prohibition.

What president held drinking parties at the white house but voted for prohibition?

Warren Harding voted in favor of prohibition as a Senator, but served liquor at his poker games while he was President.

Who was the US President during prohibition?

It began under Woodrow Wilson, was tolerated under Harding, Coolidge and Hoover. Prohibition was ended under FDR.

Who was the president when prohibition was passed in the US?

Woodrow Wilson. He actually vetoed the Volstead Act, also the National Prohibition Act, but Congress overrode his veto.

Which president was elected on a pledge to end National Prohibition?


Prohibition came about during the administration of what president?

Herbert Hoover

Which American president was responsible for the repeal of Prohibition?

Frank Roosevelt

Why was Prohibition considered to be a time of social and governmental reform?

Prohibition was a time of social and governmental reform because women received the right to vote just before Prohibition. It was also the first time it was socially acceptable to break the law.

Is there any candidates for the prohibition party in 2008?

The Prohibition Party suffered a major split and each faction ran a different slate for President and Vice-President. The Presidential candidates were Earl Dodge and Gene Amondsen.

Who started prohibition?

If you are speaking of the the US Prohibition from 1919-1933, the prohibition of alcohol was passed as the 18th Amendment to the US Constitution by Congress over the veto of then President Woodrow Wilson as a result of pressure from the temperance movement.

What year did Prohibition of alchol start in the US?

National Prohibition began in 1920, although many states already had imposed state-wide prohibition by this time.