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Who was the prophet mentioned in the quran whose three generations were prophets?


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Ibraheem (Alaihis-salaam)

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There are 25 names of prophets mentioned in the Quran.

25 prophets in Islam ____________________________ It is said to be around 12500 prophets. However, only 25 prophet are mentioned in Quran.

Muslims believe in all prophets mentioned in Quran which are also mentioned in old testament .

25 , prophets are mentioned in holy Quran .

Mousa (Moses) peace be upon him is the prophet who is mentioned in the holy Quran more than all other prophets.

Nothing mentioned in Quran or prophet Muhammad saying about Suliaman (Solomon) ring. This has no reference or any relation with Islam religion per Quran revelation to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). However, Sulaiman (or Solomon) is one of the prophets that mentioned in Quran in more than one place and Muslims believe in him as a God prophet.

The name of the prophet Mousa (Moses) PBUH is mentioned explicitly in the holy Quran 136 times. In the holy Quran Mousa PBUH is the most mentioned prophet of all.

Moses PBUH is the prophet who is the most mentioned in the Holy Quran.

Prophet Abraham and his two sons; prophet Isaac and prophet IsmaelProphet Isaac and his son prophet JacobProphet Jacob and his son prophet JosephProphet David and his son prophet SolomonProphet Zackariah and his son prophet John (Yahia)

Only 3 times Zabur of Prophet Dawud(David) is mentioned in the holy Quran.

The mentioned prophets in Quran are 25 Muslim prophets. Refer to questions below.

Yes, Muslims are commanded to respect all their Prophets. There have been around 124000 prophets of Islam which not only includes Muhammad (who is the last in the series of the Prophets) but also Jesus, Moses, David, Solomon, Abraham, Jacob, Issac, Ishmael, Joseph and many other Prophets that are mentioned in Quran. PS: Note, not all prophets have been mentioned in the Quran except for few

25 prophets are named in quran...........Jesus is mentioned has one of them , not the son of god..

The name of the prophet Isa (Jesus) PBUH is mentioned explicitly 25 times in the holy Quran.

Prophet Musa (Moses in English) was mentioned in Quran 136 times in 131 verses.

Hazrat Prophet Ibrahim (or Abraham) is mentioned in Quran for 69 times in 63 verses (ayats).

Not sure especially that the explicit mentioned names are different from one Bible to another.More information:No. Many other names are mentioned in the Bible in addition to the names of prophets.One more informationIn Quran, Muslims holy book, 25 prophets are mentioned by name although said in Quran that many other prophets are there but not mentioned by name in Quran. refer to related question below for the names of those 25 prophets.

Around 125000 prophets out of whom 25 are mentioned in Quran.

Allah is the Arabic name of God. He is the God of all prophets since start of mankind. accordingly, there is not only one prophet of Allah (God in English) but many prophets. 25 out of them are mentioned in Quran. Among those prophets are Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad.

25 Prophets are mentioned in the Quran. If your interested in finding out more go read about them in the Quran yourself.

According to the Quran, Noah was a prophet for 950 years.

Musa (Muses) PBUH, is the most mentioned prophet in the holy Quran. He is mentioned by name 136 times.

25 prophets were mentioned in the holy book Quran. Refer to question below for more details.

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