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Who was the resident of desning hall Suffolk between1780-1825?



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I am descended from the King family that resided at Desning Hall, Gazeley, Suffolk from in the 1700's until 1927. The first of the family to reside there were John & Lucy King (nee Cornell). From them I think it went to their second son William King. After he died it went to their third son, James Cornell King, who married Mary Halls. From them to their son Arthur Cornell King. Arthur married his cousin Eliza King. Their son Sidney Arthur King was the last King family member to reside there, departing in 1927 and moving to nearby Higham. I am not sure of dates but the answer to your question is amongst these names, probably John and Lucy King. Desning Hall was occupied by the King Family from the late 1700's until 1927. The first members of the King family to live at Desning Hall were John King and his wife Lucy (nee Cornell) and their children. This was probably between 1780 and 1825.