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Who was the singer of the year 2010?


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it was Lady Gaga.


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Miley Cyrus is the best teen singer of all time declared on year 2010 and she still is the best

2010. ylizabeth is a nice girl and really good looking. she is a great singer

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my guess would be Justin Bieber i mean look at the kid girls are crazy about him and hes pretty much sold out every single show he has had this past year. I could be wrong about him being the famous teen singer of 2010 but he has a gigantic fan base

It depends on the singer him or herself, it can be any reference year

well..... a successful singer earns about half a million a year but an unsuccessful singer earns about 50,000 to 100,000 a year

Some band that you like. Or a singer you like. I hate this singer but i like . Start All Over by Miley Cyrus. I sang that in the talent show and got 2nd place

Her debut single came out in 2011, so she became a singer year 2011.

she became a singer when she was 7 year old

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